Winter means temperatures are dropping, snow may be falling and all of the romantic and utterly magic feels are here for a few months. While planning a wedding during any season of the year can be stressful and overwhelming, sometimes planning a winter wedding can be a little more difficult (but worth it). 

If you’re having a winter wedding, don’t panic! Today, we’re here to provide you with a few of our most important winter wedding tips to help your planning process and special day run smoothly. 

Don’t Settle on a “Winter Themed” Wedding

Just because you are having a winter wedding, does not mean you have to deck it out for Christmas or have it “winter themed”. Especially if that’s just not your taste. There are a variety of different ways to incorporate winter themes into your wedding design that don't feel stereotypical or “too much”. We recommend considering rich textures, darker colors, cozier spaces, winter-themed wedding favors, or unique spaces throughout your reception like a hot chocolate bar!

Be Mindful of the Weather

While we aren’t entirely sure what winter looks like for you, we do know that for most winter comes with frigid temperatures and lots of snow. In this case, if you are having a winter wedding do be mindful of the weather. This can be to tell your guests to dress appropriately if your wedding is outside, have a “plan B” if there is a snowstorm and to ensure you and your guests are comfortable and warm throughout the entire evening. Weather can be unpredictable during the winter months, so it's important to be extra prepared for anything that may happen. 

Don’t Forget a Coat Check!

If you’re having a winter wedding, your guests will most likely come all bundled up in their coats, scarves, and hats. With that in mind, we recommend offering a coat check at your ceremony or reception spaces. Not only does that alleviate any extra items your guests will be carrying around, but it will also help your wedding space not look as crowded and cluttered with everyone’s belongings hanging over their chairs. 

Consider a Romantic Reception Space

One thing we will say about a winter wedding is that you have an extra advantage to make it incredibly romantic. We recommend an indoor reception space with lots of candles and perhaps a fireplace. Keep in mind, in the winter months it gets dark quite early so having an abundance of candles will definitely be a must! You should also consider experimenting with different darker tones, textures and seasonal florals to make the perfect romantic reception space!

Are you ready to start planning? We hope these few tips helped you get started on planning your dream winter wedding.