If the vision you have for your wedding is far from traditional, there are plenty of ways to bring your unique vision to life making. If we’re being honest, it’s the creativity and unique personal touches, that make a wedding memorable in our opinion!

If this sounds like you, we recommend starting off with a creative wedding venue that will make your wedding memorable. We’re talking about a completely unexpected or unconventional space to hold the most special day of your life with all of your favorite people. You know, the kind of place that makes your wedding an experience rather than simply an event.

With that being said, today we’ve listed a few ideas for the nontraditional couple that will help you find that creative wedding venue that will make your wedding memorable.  

An “Adventure” Location

We consider an “adventure” wedding location taking place on a mountain top, underneath a waterfall or deep within a canyon. Basically, the more you have to trek to it, the better! This is typically for the travel, outdoor-loving couples who may be looking at a smaller wedding with only a few guests. But of course, this would be an exhilarating experience that would make your wedding extremely memorable!

Historic Venues

Venues that have a historical touch is something interesting for all. Whether you’re looking at an estate, medieval castle or plantation, your guests are bound to be surprised with the one-of-a-kind settings that capture the imagination. Your wedding will hold a little bit of history forever, making it that much more memorable. 

Rooftop Venues

Who doesn’t love a stunning rooftop view? If there’s anything we can say, it’s that a stunning view stays in one's mind forever. Just imagine your wedding ceremony backdrop a panoramic view of your favorite city. And then having dinner and dancing up high under the stars later on. If you’re looking to wow yourself and your guests, a rooftop venue is the best option. 

Warehouses or Factories

While this may be off the beaten path and not so glamorous at first, warehouses and factories weddings can be absolutely stunning. You basically  have a blank, industrial space to do whatever you want to it. Not only that, but modern industrial weddings also are in right now. These spaces typically have characteristics like exposed brick, peeling paint, visible pipes, and cement floors. If you pair a little character with a modern wedding vision, it has the potential to be absolutely stunning and very memorable as many of your guests have most likely never attended a wedding in a warehouse...let alone, a beautiful one. 

So which choice is right for you and your nontraditional wedding vision? We hope these recommendations for creative wedding venues help make your special day that much more memorable.