Wedding Sparkler Sendoff Guide

If you Google “wedding sparklers sendoff,” you’ll see many captivating photos of blissful couples surrounded by sparks of light in the dark. Sparklers are a sign of hope and optimism, which makes them the perfect accessory to cap off a night of celebration. Continue reading to learn what goes into planning this memorable photoshoot for your wedding.

What is a wedding exit?

Traditionally, guests would throw rice on the couple after the ceremony. It was used to symbolize the birth of a new life. They’d then hop into a car with cans tied to the bumper and a “Just Married” sign in the rear window and drive off into the sunset to a noisy serenade.

Over the years, much has changed. Typically, the recitation of vows is just the beginning of a long fun night--couples exit the celebration much later. If you’re planning a wedding of surprise twists and turns, the exit can be a prime opportunity to create unforgettable photographs for you and your guests!

What is a wedding sparklers sendoff?

For a grand exit:

  • Purchase 36-inch wedding sparklers for sendoffs for all party guests.
  • Place sparklers in display buckets—either on each reception table or the entrance table.
  • At the end of the night, the wedding party uses barbecue lighters to ignite the sparklers.
  • Guests form two horizontal rows, facing one another, and hold the sparklers in the air.
  • The sparklers create a “tunnel of light” for the couple to pass through.
  • Photos can be taken of the happy couple with sparkler-waving guests in the backdrop.
  • Guests can place the extinguished sparklers into buckets of water or sand.

You may also consider buying extra 20-inch sparklers for weddings to write messages in light. The photographer can do this by lowering the shutter speed from 1 to 3 seconds and having guests write each letter backward.

Where to Have a Wedding Sparklers Sendoff?

Sendoffs are popular in parking lots, open fields, or with the venue in the backdrop. It’s always a good idea to speak to your wedding venue coordinator if you plan on using sparklers at your event. They may require you to use a certain size sparkler or have a designated location for the exit.

How Far Apart to Have Sendoff Guests Stand?

You’ll want to ensure you have enough room to walk through the sparklers without risk. Eight feet should provide enough space for you and your partner to walk down the line. Often, couples position the wedding party and parents or siblings first in the line out of respect for their status.

How to Light Sparklers for Wedding Sendoff?

  1. Select 2-4 people to be your “designated lighters”.
  2. Pass out the sparklers to each person and line them up down the sides of where the bride and groom are going to walk.
  3. If you are using 20-inch or 26-inch sparklers, we recommend that you use a smaller 10-inch sparkler as your starter since they’re much easier to light.
  4. Start by lighting one 10-inch sparkler using a lighter and touch it to your designated 20-inch or 26-inch sparklers, which will light them instantly.
  5. Then have them move down the line of people, touching their lit sparkler to each of your guest’s sparklers – and enjoy!

How to Buy Wedding Sparklers?

Ideally, you’ll buy wedding sparklers that are high-quality, fresh, and shipped locally. Wedding Sparklers Outlet sells gold metal wire sparklers that are smokeless and ashless. Choose from our 10-inch wedding sparklers, 20-inch wedding sparklers, and 36-inch wedding sparklers, as well as accessories like galvanized metal display buckets and favor tags. The length of the sparkler determines how long they will light, ranging from less than a minute with 10-inch sparklers to four minutes when you buy 36-inch sparklers for weddings.

Orders ship quickly—either the same or next business day, with most shipments arriving from our Magnolia, TX, warehouse within a week. Follow these guidelines, and then let the sparks fly! Congratulations!