Fly down the aisle on your wedding day like Tinker Bell, let your cats be your maid of honor, invite the White House to your wedding, or say I do on the subway. Do these sound like crazy wedding day ideas to you? They might, but they’ve all happened and they all likely have a story behind them. Innovative wedding ideas are only as limited as your imagination and only as far back as your memories. Was your first date to a small bistro in the city? Serve the espressos that you laughed over at your reception. Did you enjoy a first for the both of you together? Incorporate that into your wedding day somehow to make it extra memorable. These are just a couple of ideas to kickstart your imagination. Continue on for more innovative wedding ideas. 

Cake Delights Outside The Box

We’re all familiar with the traditional wedding cakes. A pretty multiple-tiered white on white cake, usually with some form of embellishment. Step outside the box with your wedding cake and explore creative and innovative wedding cake ideas to make your wedding day extra memorable. 

The unique wedding ideas are about as unique as you are but some of the favorites that we’ve come across include: 

  • Multi-tier donut cake

  • Cupcake tower

  • Pie pops

  • Cake pops

  • Tiered macaron stand

  • Crepe cake

  • Tiered mini pie stand

Those are just a few of literally hundreds of non-traditional wedding cake ideas to kickstart your thinking with. Have fun with the planning process, and especially the tasting portion and make your day as uniquely special as you are!

Be Creative With Your Venue 

A church wedding, a beach wedding, a mountain top wedding—these are some of the first places that come to mind when someone thinks of a venue to say I do at, but you can be super creative here and pick a place that is special to you and your partner. Did your eyes first meet across a crowded Subway station? What a great place to tie the knot! Was your first date at the bowling alley downtown? That might be a great reception place! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re choosing a venue. Brainstorm places that are special to your partner and you and decide if any of those places might work as a venue. 


Incorporate Fun Elements on Your Special Day 

Do you and your partner love late night coffee dates? How about a hot coffee bar set up at your reception? Or are you big fans of seafood? A roving raw bar might be more to your liking! Incorporating out of the box and fun elements on your wedding day really help make the day special for you and your guests. One such fun element is in the form of wedding sparklers. Light up the night by having your guests wave farewell or forming a canopy of lights as you and your new spouse depart the reception. Wedding Sparklers are a great way to add fun and special elements. 

Whatever you choose to do on your special day, have fun with the planning process, and make your day as special as you and your partner's relationship.