Ten Tips to Plan for The Actual Wedding Day

When your wedding day arrives, you want to be able to enjoy the experience and to relax, living in each moment fully. In order to avoid any unnecessary stress or distractions, here are ten tips for your actual wedding day.


1.    Hydrate. Keep a water bottle with you. You have a full day ahead, and you can’t forget to take care of yourself.

2.    Schedule a time for food. Often, hair and make-up will start by 8 or 9 am, and the events of the day will fly full steam ahead. It is the worst feeling to get lightheaded or to have to worry about your stomach growling as you’re walking down the aisle. Even if nerves settle in, eat something. Plan for a light lunch or keep snack bars around.

3.    Add extra buffer time for photos. Yes, you’re hiring a professional, but things can always go awry. Maybe the groom’s family is larger and will take longer getting that perfect group photo. In the process, his soon-to-be spouse will then only have a photo or two with their parents. Work with your photographer to plan in advance the definite shots you know you’ll want.

4.    Hire a “day of” planner, or at least designate someone for last-minute details. Even if you are following a strict budget and have opted to handle all the details alone, it is still so important that you bring in some help for the day of. Boutonnieres will need to be distributed, a special sign added to a table. Some number of last-minute details will need to be handled, and as the bride or groom, you don’t want to be in charge. Hand over the responsibility to a professional, or someone you trust to get it done.

5.    Set a “no phone” policy during the ceremony. You hired a photographer for a reason. Even though people know they should keep their phones put away, someone always ends up in the background taking what they think is a subtle shot. It’s not… Have your guests live in the moment for a change – it’s tough, we know. However, make a few cute signs as a reminder.

6.    Remember to ask your caterer for leftovers. You’re paying for it all, so you might as well keep what is left afterwards. It’s better than it being wasted and thrown away. Even if you head straight to your honeymoon, your family will enjoy it on your behalf the next day!

7.    Designate a Zoom coordinator. With weddings adjusting to the new normal, live video streaming is a great opportunity to include friends and family who are unable to travel, and it ultimately is keeping your in-person guests safer by limiting the size of the group.  Ask for a friend or relative to volunteer, or hire a freelancer for a few dollars to oversee the technical details of the Zoom room. You don't want to hear the BEEP of people entering the room mid-ceremony, or someone unmuted talking on their phone.

8.    First kiss photo. Ask your officiator to step aside so you can capture that perfect shot of your first kiss as spouses.

9.    Downtime for guests. If there is a break between the ceremony and reception, make sure you have a designated place for the guests to go. Have some drinks ready and music playing.

10.  Make a schedule for your wedding party. Be clear about where they need to be and when, and share any helpful details to them in advance. Otherwise, you’ll end up with daily text messages asking the same questions on repeat. Of course, keep a few surprises, but it’s better to share too many logistical details with them, in this case.

 At the end of everything, don’t stress the little things and any hiccups that will inevitably arise. Just focus on having the best time you possibly can. It’s your day, so live it up!