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Wedding Sparklers Outlet Blog

Welcome to Wedding Sparklers Outlet’s blog. Check out the latest in all things related to sparklers for weddings and other special events. Add some sparkle to the season by browsing the latest topics in throwing fabulous events, and the pieces that come together to make them so. From sparklers for a wedding to decorative display buckets to more, Wedding Sparklers Outlet has something for you.

Fireflies are No Competition for Our 36 Inch Sparklers

Posted by on 8/29/2018

Summertime in many parts of the country has long meant time for the fireflies (or as they’re called in some parts of the country, lightning bugs) to come out. How many of you remember catching fireflies as a kid and putting them in a jar, only to have them stop making their light and die? Not much fun when this happened, was it? Well, the fireflies still come out every summer, but rather than injure or kill innocent insects, we have a much better option: the 36 inch sparklers available at the Wedding Sparklers Outlet.

Your Future's So Bright...Because Your Wedding Cake is Topped with Sparklers!

Posted by on 8/22/2018

Your wedding is supposed to be the start of your new future together as husband and wife. But, planning it and putting it all together can be challenging. There are so many details to attend to, from the wedding venue to the caterers, and of course, the wedding cake itself. Working with the baker who will be making your wedding cake may be an exercise in patience as they tend to have different ideas than you regarding what the perfect cake looks like. Most, however, will be happy to add wedding cake sparklers to help brighten up the room and shower you and your guests in golden sparkles!

Light up the Neighborhood with 18 Inch Sparklers - Perfect for Your Next Summer Party!

Posted by on 8/15/2018
There was a time in the not too distant past when one of the best ways to light up a summer party was to end the day with a fireworks show. The only problem with this is that many towns, counties, and states have now banned the use of fireworks at any other time than the Fourth of July, and some have even banned them altogether. The reason for banning them is the high risk of injury and fire. The good news is that with 18-inch sparklers, your guests can enjoy all the fun of fireworks without the risk of fire or injury.

Add Excitement to Your Next Event with Our Sparkler Party Packages

Posted by on 8/8/2018
Do you have a big party coming up, like an important birthday? Are you tired of the same old decorations and party favors? You can only have so many parties with streamers, and Silly String makes such a mess. You know you need to do something different, something that is going to make your party the one that everyone remembers. But, what to do? Why not consider adding party sparklers to the event? At the Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we have three great sparkler party packages for you to choose from, each of which is sure to add a touch of fun and magic to your next party.
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