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Welcome to Wedding Sparklers Outlet’s blog. Check out the latest in all things related to sparklers for weddings and other special events. Add some sparkle to the season by browsing the latest topics in throwing fabulous events, and the pieces that come together to make them so. From sparklers for a wedding to decorative display buckets to more, Wedding Sparklers Outlet has something for you.

Spring Season Is Wedding Season. Here are Our Top Wedding Send-off Ideas

Posted by on 3/6/2019 to Weddings

Spring is just around the corner in most parts of the country and with it comes the most popular time of the year for weddings. There is so much planning that goes into creating the perfect wedding and wedding reception. Everything has to be planned down to the smallest detail, from the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the final send off. You have to make sure you have all the wedding supplies ordered well in advance, including the wedding sparklers your guests will use in many creative ways. Here are some of our favorite wedding send off ideas for you to consider.

You Need Sparklers, But It's Not the Fourth of July - We've Got You Covered!

Posted by wedding sparklers outlet on 2/27/2019 to Weddings

When you talk to most people about where to buy sparklers, the first thing you are likely to hear is, "Well, it's not the Fourth of July so you probably can't buy them anywhere." While this might be the case as far as going to your local stores, we have plenty of options for ordering sparklers online. When you have a (non-July) wedding or event in mind and want somewhere to buy wedding sparklers in bulk,
Wedding Sparklers Outlet has everything you need.

Make Sure Your Wedding is #instaworthy With Our Wide Selection of Photo-Ready Wedding Sparklers

Posted by wedding sparklers outlet on 2/20/2019 to Weddings

You only get married once (or maybe more!) and your wedding day should be one to remember. And what can you do to help keep those memories alive for the rest of your life? Take lots of pictures, along with having a professional photographer. So far, so good; after all, everyone does this. You could, of course, stick to the traditional professional photos and those taken by a few by friends and family, but what you need to make your wedding photos good enough to become an instant Instagram wedding sensation is plenty of wedding sparklers to light up your shots!

Your Future Should be Bright - Make Sure it is with Our Newest Products

Posted by wedding sparklers outlet on 2/13/2019 to Weddings

When you get married, your wedding is supposed to be the start of a very bright future together filled with love, adventure, maybe children, and so much more. And when you are having a baby, you want the most memorable way possible to announce the baby’s gender! But both these big events require lots of planning. Weddings and gender reveal parties involve planning dozens of things down to the tiniest detail. By the time you have chosen the food or caterers, chosen the cake, the music, the venue, and so forth, buying wedding sparklers or confetti cannons is probably the last thing on your mind. However, here are some great reasons that using sparklers - and maybe even our new powder confetti cannons - in your wedding or gender reveal should be a top priority!

Inspire a Spark of Romance This Valentine's Day with These Red Heart Sparklers

Posted by on 2/6/2019 to Weddings

While the "holidays" are behind us now and your loved one was delighted with their gifts, before you know it, the "most romantic day" of the year — Valentine's Day —  is upon us. Which, of course, means that it's time to put on your thinking cap and, with our Valentine's Day ideas shared here, create one of the most memorable and romantic days you've ever had.

It Starts with The Basics

Of course, you can't have a truly romantic Valentine's Day without the basics that go with every romantic occasion. This, of course, includes the standard Valentine's Day gifts such as a meaningful card, a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, and a good bottle of wine. But then everyone does this, so how do you go beyond this and reach the point at which you turn an ordinary day into one that is unforgettable?

You visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet and order a package of our heart-shaped sparklers along with some of our bottle top sparklers to go with them. Can you imagine a better way to show your significant other just how much you love them than by bathing them in a golden shower of sparks? Talk about one of those crazy Valentine's Day ideas that can quickly turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

What's So Special About Heart-Shaped Sparklers?

Most sparklers are straight rods of metal covered in a special coating. Our heart-shaped sparklers measure 11 inches long in a straight line, but they are bent into the shape of a heart that will burn for approximately 60 seconds. They burn virtually smokeless, emitting either gold or red sparks. They can be used to add a touch of sparkle to the other Valentine's Day gifts you’ve planned, a touch of romance to your meal or to the photographs you take.

Why not take one or two of them and place them on top of the cake or other dessert and light them right before serving it? While you are at it, be sure you take the time to add one or two of our bottle top sparklers to the wine or champagne. Like all of our sparklers, they burn virtually smoke free and are safe for indoor use. Perhaps add an extra vase to the table and fill it with a mixture of our straight and heart-shaped sparklers. They make a great centerpiece for your table and give you something fun and romantic to do once the sun sets and before it gets too late.

One of the Most Romantic Gifts of All

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, the best ones of all are those that come straight from your heart. While so many of us go about our daily lives thinking the more we spend on gifts, the more we show our appreciation, this truly isn't the way to anyone's heart. By following along with some of our Valentine's Day ideas and including our affordable red heart-shaped sparklers in your celebrations of love on this special day, you are sure to create a day to remember for the rest of your lives.

Wedding Reception Planning Tips - Here are Our Top 5

Posted by Wedding Sparkler Outlets on 1/30/2019 to Weddings
Planning a successful wedding reception is just as important as planning your wedding itself. One of the most important tips any wedding planner will give you is that you need to start planning your reception months in advance to ensure you don't miss a single detail, including the wedding sparklers. By planning ahead, you have a chance to confirm the number of guests, and plan the decor, food, music and, of course, the color of the wedding confetti to be used to shower the bride and groom on their way out of the reception venue.

Valentine's Day is Around the Corner - Heart-Shaped Sparklers are Perfect for a Special Date Night

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 1/23/2019 to Weddings
The holidays are upon us, and yes, it's time to start thinking about how you are going to make the coming Valentine's Day special for your significant other. There are many things you can do — buy them flowers, chocolates, take them out for a special romantic dinner, a bottle of wine, and so much more. But without our heart shaped sparklers, these ideas are nothing but the same-old-same-old. What better way to show your significant other how much you love them than in a glowing heart shaped shower of sparks?

Wedding Sparklers Are Not Just for Weddings - Add Excitement to Any Event - Order Yours Today!

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 1/16/2019 to Weddings
It might seem as though wedding sparklers have only a single use — to help celebrate that one special day in your life. But, if this is the only time you think they can be used, you are missing out on a considerable part of the big picture. Our sparklers are not just for weddings; in fact, we like to think of them as party sparklers, and we can't think of a single event or party at which they couldn't be used to help you celebrate.

Is 2019 Your Year for Romance? Kick it Off Right with 20 Inch Sparklers!

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 1/9/2019 to Weddings
The new year is almost upon us and winter romance is in the air. Maybe it's the sights and sounds of the holidays, the beauty of the snow, or the joy of the season, but many new relationships seem to blossom at this time of year. Is 2019 going to be your year for romance?

Cake Sparklers Add Pizzazz to Any Event

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 12/26/2018

How many different events each year do you bake a cake for? Too many to count if you are the "family baker." There are so many ways you can make each cake special just for the occasion or person it is intended for. Candles have long been the traditional way to illuminate many types of cakes, including birthday, anniversary, congratulations, and more. But, after centuries of candles, they seem to be a little on the mundane side. Have you ever thought about using cake sparklers instead? Wedding Sparklers Outlet carries cake sparklers for all occasions!

Saying, "I Do" in the New Year? Make it Extra Sparkly with Wedding Sparklers and Confetti

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 12/19/2018 to Weddings

Are you planning a New Year's wedding and looking for ways to spice up your special day? Your wedding day is going to be the most important day of your life. Getting ready for this day means spending countless hours planning every last detail. There is a wedding dress to be fitted for and ordered, a venue to locate, bridesmaids' dresses to order, the caterers, the florists, shoes, a DJ or band to hire, the list goes on and on. But, whatever you do, don't forget to order plenty of wedding sparklers and wedding confetti cannons to make your New Year’s wedding extra sparkly.

Use These 5 Tips to Plan a Spectacular Christmas Wedding

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 12/12/2018 to Weddings
Winter is a wonderful time of year to get married, especially if you live in a snowy part of the country. Where once spring and summer weddings were all the rage, winter weddings are becoming one hottest wedding trends out there. Snow can make a wonderful background for your wedding photos and adding heart sparklers to

It's Not Too Early to Start Planning Your New Year's Eve Celebration

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 12/5/2018
With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time for you to start thinking about what you are going to do for this year's New Year's Eve party. It seems like every time you host a party for your friends and family, they expect it to be better than the last one. One way to ring in the new year with style is with a selection of party sparklers from the Wedding Sparklers Outlet.

Planning a Surprise Birthday Party? Number Sparklers are Great for All Ages!

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 11/28/2018 to Weddings

A birthday party should always be something special, no matter how young or old the person celebrating happens to be. But, if you are the one who has the task of planning the party, then it's up to you to come up with something different, something special that ensures everyone who shows up will never forget the party you put together. One way to do this is to ensure you think outside the box and add number sparklers to the event. There are many different ways in which you can include sparklers for parties into the big day that are sure to delight everyone.

Tired of the Same Old Party Decorations? Here are 5 Unique Ways to Use Party Sparklers

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 11/21/2018 to Weddings

Are you getting tired of the same old party decorations? You know, the red roses and balloons for Valentine's Day, the same old pine cones at Christmas and of course the candles in the pumpkin for Halloween? Did you know that you can use sparklers for parties to light up the festivities? Here are five great ways you can use party sparklers to light up a variety of parties.

Make the Holidays Extra Sparkly with Colorful Confetti Cannons

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 11/14/2018 to Weddings

It's that time of year again; the holidays are right around the corner. Christmas and New Year's bring with them any number of office parties, private parties, and celebrations, all of which need something to make them memorable and unique. Each year, someone gets stuck being the one to plan the holiday parties at work. At least these parties are, to some extent, fun! However, the last thing you want is for your co-workers to say yours was boring. The answer to this dilemma is quite simple; you need to make sure have plenty of confetti cannons on hand.

5 Tips for Holiday Wedding Planning - Make Yours Sparkle!

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 11/7/2018 to Weddings

It's already beginning to look a lot like Christmas in many stores around the town. Pumpkins and witches are coming down. In their place are Santa Clauses and trees, sparkling lights, reindeer, and glittery decorations. December truly is a magical time of the year and one in which many couples plan to celebrate their nuptials. If you are among those planning a holiday wedding, don't forget the wedding sparklers as part of your holiday-themed wedding. Here are five tips to help make your holiday wedding spectacular.

Give Your Wedding Reception Extra Sparkle with Metallic Wedding Confetti

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 10/24/2018 to Weddings

The wedding ceremony is over, and everyone heads to the reception to help the new couple celebrate their new life together. Planning the reception is harder than planning the actual wedding ceremony. There is so much you have to put together: a caterer, the color scheme, the venue, the band or DJ, and the list goes on. But, what have to you done to make your wedding reception the one that everyone remembers? Have you thought about the many ways you and your guests can incorporate confetti cannons that fire metallic wedding confetti into various parts of the reception for the most fun?

Light the Path to Your New Life Together with 36" Wedding Sparklers

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 10/17/2018 to Weddings

Ah, the big day is almost here,and you've thought of everything. The wedding venue, the caterers, the bridesmaids dresses, even the flowers have been picked out. Let's not talk about how many months it took you to find the perfect wedding dress. But like any other major event or party, there is always something special you can do to add that final touch of pizzazz, the one little touch that makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill wedding and one that everyone in attendance will never forget. For example, why not consider purchasing plenty of 36" sparklers from Wedding Sparklers Outlet for your special day?

Make Your Evening Wedding Extra Sparkly with Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 10/10/2018 to Weddings

Let's face it, your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest and most important day of your life, with the exception of when your children are born. You have probably spent the last several months planning every aspect of your special day. You’ve found the perfect venue, hired the best caterers, spent weeks visiting the wedding dress stores all over town in search of the perfect dress, and more. But, doesn't everyone? These are the common wedding-planning tasks facing the average bride to be. To make your evening wedding unique, have you thought about adding a selection of wedding sparklers?

Add a Splash of Color to Your Halloween Event with Black and Orange Party Confetti

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 10/3/2018 to Weddings

Spooky time is just around the corner and along with Halloween comes parties and lots of trick or treaters knocking on your door. But, Halloween is not just for kids; grownups can have fun, too. By adding confetti cannons to your special events, you can make them more amazing, more spectacular, more colorful, and more fun than ever! Take a look at these great ways to make use of orange and black party confetti.

Heart Sparklers Add a Warm Glow to Your Fall Wedding

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 9/26/2018 to Weddings

Fall is just around the corner, and in many parts of the country, this is a very popular time of the year for weddings. It is also a time of year when it starts to get a little chilly, especially if your wedding celebration runs into the early evening hours. If you are searching for a way to add a warm glow to your fall wedding, why not consider adding some of ourheart sparklers to the event.

Liven up Your Saturday Night Party with Neon Confetti

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 9/19/2018 to Weddings

Everyone knows that Saturday nights are meant for partying because you can party into the early hours of the morning without having to get up in the morning. But, maybe the last few parties seemed to be getting a little lackluster? The music is almost always the same, the drinks flow, conversations get started and left hanging, and suddenly you start to notice fewer of your friends showing up. Perhaps you need some confetti cannons to liven up the night!

Silver and Gold Metallic Confetti Cannons Take Any Event Up a Notch

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 9/12/2018 to Weddings

That time of year is just around the corner...fall, with its back to school parties, Halloween parties, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and then eventually Christmas, and of course New Year's Eve. The list just seems to keep growing each year to include friendly get-togethers, company parties, and more. The big question, is how are you going to kick your parties up a notch and make them more memorable than last year's events? Why not consider adding a selection of silver and gold metallic confetti cannons to the event?

Let Love Sparkle at Your Wedding with Custom Sparkler Tags from Wedding Sparklers Outlet

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 9/5/2018 to Weddings

With nightfall coming as your wedding begins to wind down, why not give your guests wedding sparklers to illuminate the night sky and bring a little extra festivity to your special day? There is nothing quite like blazing sparklers to celebrate your wedding. But, be sure you let the photographer know what you have planned in order to give him or her time to set up for some amazing shots. To make things even more special, why not add customized sparkler tags to each sparkler?

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