You said YES!! The family’s been called, the ring selfie posted, the party thrown…now what?

Should you jump right in and pick a date? Find a venue? Hire a band? Here are some practical next steps to take after you say, I Do.

Shut Out the Noise

For most couples, the second the announcement is out, well-meaning family and friends start bombarding them with questions and advice—outdoor weddings are too risky, destinations ask too much of your guests, sit-down dinner is a must—and the list goes on. If you don’t want to give up your dream wedding to follow the advice of your Aunt Linda, then shut out the noise! 

You don't have to share the details and planning process with everyone. Choose carefully who you let in, and know that it’s OK to tell family and friends that for now, the details and planning are staying between you and your fiancé. 

Pick a Venue, Then a Date

Many people make the mistake of setting the wedding date before reserving a venue. Learn from their mistakes and secure a venue before getting too attached to a wedding date. It’s okay, and even advisable, to pick a season and run with that, hammering out the date with the event location.

Don’t Stress the Details—Think Big Picture 

Now is the time to have fun on Pinterest! Create a board full of the color palettes and styles you love. Not so you can stress about planning a Pinterest-perfect wedding, but simply to find out what style and theme you are drawn to. You’ll start to see a trend emerging with a distinct style.

Plan for Your Marriage, Not Just The Wedding 

Crazy, I know, but lots of couples get so caught up in the months of planning for the “big day” that they forget to plan for what comes next—marriage! Use your engagement period to plan for your life together. You’ll be thankful that you did down the road.