Your wedding is supposed to be the start of your new future together as husband and wife. But, planning it and putting it all together can be challenging. There are so many details to attend to, from the wedding venue to the caterers, and of course, the wedding cake itself. Working with the baker who will be making your wedding cake may be an exercise in patience as they tend to have different ideas than you regarding what the perfect cake looks like. Most, however, will be happy to add wedding cake sparklers to help brighten up the room and shower you and your guests in golden sparkles!

Why Add Wedding Cake Sparklers to Your Cake?

Instead of asking yourself why anyone would want to use wedding cake sparklers on their cake, ask yourself why wouldn't you want to light up your wedding reception? Image the looks on your guests’ faces when the caterers wheel out the wedding cake in a shower of golden sparks that light up the area.

At the Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we offer both 4- and 6-inch wedding cake sparklers that are a perfect fit for just about any type of cake. The 4-inch version will burn for approximately 30 seconds, while our 6-inch sparklers will burn for up to 50 seconds. Each of them burns virtually smoke-free and without leaving any residue behind. On top of this, they are labeled as safe to use around food.

Light Up Your Reception and Send Yourselves Off in a Blaze of Glory

When your reception features your cake covered in wedding cake sparklers, their glow will light up everyone's faces and allow them to see the love you share for each other. But this is only the mid-point of the festivities; we carry several other sparklers for weddings that can be used before and after your wedding cake sparklers.

For example, why not give each of your guests one or more of our 20-inch sparklers to light up your first dance together as husband and wife? Everyone can stand around the happy couple, showering you with a spray of golden sparks that only add to the romance of the moment. Just be sure there are a few metal buckets with water in them placed in strategic locations around the room for your guests to put their used sparklers in.

To cap the evening off, be sure to have on hand plenty of our 36-inch sparklers for weddings. Your guests can light them and then stand along the pathway out of the reception venue forming an archway of golden sparkles for you and the groom to pass through on your way to the car that will carry you to your new life as a married couple. Visit theWedding Sparklers Outlet online to learn more about our wedding cake sparklers and be sure to order early to give your baker time to add them to your wedding cake design.