Your Backyard Wedding Checklist
Backyard weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to the intimacy and affordability of them. There are some logistical things to think about when planning your backyard wedding. Make sure you check all the boxes on this backyard wedding checklist.

Backyard Wedding Decor 

Your wedding’s environment is one of the most critical parts, and throwing it in a backyard is a beautiful setting. However, there are some things to do to turn your bare backyard into a location fit for a wedding. For one, you’ll need to think about decor. You won’t have any ceilings or walls to decorate, so you’ll have to work with alternative decor planning. 

Yard Maintenance Before a Wedding  

Additionally, you’ll need to maintain the yard so that it is not only beautiful but functional. You might need to do some things before the wedding, including maintaining the landscaping so that your family and friends are not sitting in the bushes. If you have furry friends, make sure to clean up after them, so you don’t walk down the aisle with an unneeded surprise. 

Layout and Setup 

The layout is essential because most people do both the ceremony and reception in the same space, so ensure that you set it up for a seamless transition for both reception and ceremony activities. Since the venue does not come with staff to set up the area for you, you’ll have to either assign set up duties to close family or friends (our recommendation) or do it yourself. 


Keep in mind that you will need ample seating for both the ceremony and the reception. If you are serving food, you’ll need tables for your guest to eat on and a space for your vendors to work, such as a few tables for the caterer and a bar area if you are serving alcohol. 


Let your vendors know that it will be a backyard wedding because some will only book in specific locations depending on if they need a commercial kitchen or a separate area to set-up. Keep an eye on what your contracts with vendors include as well so you can provide anything they don’t -- like water for your guests! 

Neighbor Logistics 

Since backyard weddings take place in a residential neighborhood, neighbors are factors, unless you live in a rural area. Also, notify your neighbors in advance to be aware of what is happening and plan accordingly. You don’t want any surprises the day of, like an upset neighbor who has called the police.  In fact, it might help if you invite them to be a part of the party. 


Think about where your vendors and guests will park, as likely you don’t have a parking lot in the front of your house. If they need to carpool to your backyard wedding due to parking constraints, make sure your guests know ahead of time. An alternative if you have parking difficulties is to set up a parking area offsite and provide transportation to the wedding. 

 The Grand Exit 

Since it is in your backyard, you will want to consider your exit (if you choose to have one) since it might be different from a traditional venue. Try something like a grand sparkler exit to get some fantastic photos! 


Since there is no vendor clean-up crew, keep in mind that you will have to plan for the cleanup. Whether it is your backyard or someone else’s, everything will need to be cleaned up at the end of the night. If you choose to do an exit with rice or confetti, keep in mind that it could be hard to clean up. You might want to choose something easier that your guests can just throw in the trash, like that sparkler exit we just talked about. 

 Just remember, backyard weddings can have all kinds of benefits, including being intimate with your family and being able to include your furry friend. Still, you will have to think about these additional logistics to make it go smoothly. Use this backyard wedding checklist, and you’ll be on your way to a magical backyard wedding. Is it last minute? We have you covered, check out how to plan a last-minute wedding.