When you talk to most people about where to buy sparklers, the first thing you are likely to hear is, "Well, it's not the Fourth of July so you probably can't buy them anywhere." While this might be the case as far as going to your local stores, we have plenty of options for ordering sparklers online. When you have a (non-July) wedding or event in mind and want somewhere to buy wedding sparklers in bulk, Weddomg Sparklers Outlet has everything you need.

It Starts with Careful Planning

Now that you know where to buy sparklers at any time (yes, we ship year-round), the next step is to start planning how and where you plan to use them. We offer three different lengths of wedding sparklers in bulk; these are 10-, 20-, and 36-inch. Each burn for a different amount of time, ranging from 1 to 3-1/2 minutes.

Keep in mind that our wedding sparklers are designed to burn virtually smoke-free, making them the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used to illuminate the bride’s walk to the altar or the bride and groom’s exit from the ceremony or reception. What a great way to add even more magic to what is already an incredibly romantic day; plus using the sparklers this way means great photo opportunities.

Are Wedding Sparklers Expensive?

The answer to this question depends on what you do once you find out where to buy sparklers. If you find a local store that still has small packs of them on the shelves, trying to buy enough of them to create the moments or photos you have in mind could end up costing hundreds of dollars.

The best way to keep your costs under control is to find a place that sells wedding sparklers in bulk like Wedding Sparklers Outlet. We offer a range of bulk packages to fit the number of guests you plan to have at your wedding, reception or party. For example, we sell our 36-inch sparklers in packs of 40, 80, 120, 160, and 200. Depending on how many you plan to give your guests and what other uses you have for them, you can easily order the right number.

Finally, you need to know that our wedding sparklers are safe even for use by younger children, as long as they are supervised by adults. The sparks emitted are harmless and will not stain clothing. Each sparkler features an easy light tip. The only thing you need to provide is a way to light the sparklers and a metal bucket filled with water to put the used sparklers in to cool off.

Along with straight and heart-shaped wedding sparklers, we also offer a range of confetti cannons, wedding sparkler tags, bottle top and cake sparklers, and more to help make your next event — even if it's nowhere near the Fourth of July — a blazing success.