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Write With Sparklers At Your Wedding: Taking Gorgeous Wedding Photos With Sparklers

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 7/9/2016 to Weddings

Wedding sparklers are a popular wedding trend right now. If you’ve attended a wedding in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen sparklers used for a wedding. Whether it be the send off, the gift or used in photos, wedding sparklers are a wedding must.

Wedding Sparklers are a great addition to already gorgeous photos. Did you know you can write words and shapes with your wedding sparklers and have them captured in a photo?

In order to capture these gorgeous wedding photos, here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Be prepared! Engagement and wedding photos are meant to be unique and display the love you have for one another! Sit down with your significant other and the photographer to discuss options, locations, wardrobe and sparkler words/designs. Having a solid plan will make for flawless photos!

  1. You’ll need a person to do the art for you. It makes it easier if somebody runs into frame and draws for you. For photos we recommend longer burning times so that you get the most out of your wedding sparklers.

  1. Long exposure. Have your camera person ready to go with their settings on long exposure. You want to be sure you capture the sparks flying! This make take a few times to get it just right, but once you do, you’ll have gorgeous wedding photos!

  1. Enjoy yourself! You are taking photos that represent a new life of love you will be embarking on. Show your personality in the photos and get creative! Pinterest has dozens of boards dedicated to sparkler photos alone!

You can also capture beautiful wedding photos with sparklers during your send off! Ask your guests to hold a wedding sparkler in hand as you run through a magical tunnel, hand in hand with your sweetheart. The photos will be amazing and will remind you of lifelong memories.

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