When Is the Best Time to Buy Wedding Sparklers

The best time to buy wedding sparklers is one to two months before your event to strike the perfect balance between preparation and execution--ensuring a magical, unforgettable sparkler moment for your special day.   

Here's why ordering wedding sparklers one to two months is the sweet spot: 

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Buying within this timeframe allows plenty of time to conduct test runs with the sparklers, familiarize your wedding party with proper handling and lighting techniques, and rehearse your sparkler exit.  
  • Guest Count Accuracy: With most RSVPs trickling in about five to six weeks out, you'll have a good idea of how many sparklers to order for favors, a first dance, or a grand exit so that you won't have excess leftovers.  
  • Venue Coordination: With sparklers in hand, you can focus on getting proper safety measures in place with your wedding planner or venue coordinator. 
  • Logistics Time: Ordering in advance provides peace of mind, allowing ample time for shipping or pickup arrangements, whether you're buying locally or online. 

How Far in Advance Can You Order Wedding Sparklers? 

For some, the answer is simple: the sooner, the better! You've got a lot on your plate, and it feels so good to check this one off the list. The good news? All sparklers sold by Wedding Sparklers Outlet are fresh, have a long shelf life, and are guaranteed to last 3-5 years from the date of purchase.

This means you can purchase them in advance without worrying about them going bad. Just store them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight—ideally, a basement with a dehumidifier in a sealed tote. As the big day approaches, you may realize other add-ons will make your sparkler event even better. For instance, you might decide to:

Many people order extras for one-year anniversaries when having their defrosted top-tier wedding cake leftovers. Sparklers are festive fun for birthdays, New Year's, graduations, Independence Day celebrations, and more.

Is It Ever Too Late To Order Wedding Sparklers Online?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be a spontaneous person. Your wedding's a few weeks away, but you came across a video or photo of a wedding sparkler exit and wondered- is it too late to place a big order?

At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we offer:

  • Standard Shipping: All orders ship via UPS Ground and arrive within one to five days.
  • Free Shipping: Bulk orders ($50 or more) ship out free—and at a discounted price.

To be on the safe side, we recommend placing your order seven to 10 days ahead of time.

If you live near Magnolia, Texas, give us a call, and we'll do our best to accommodate local pickup at our warehouse, which may be your only option if your event is taking place in a matter of days. Please note: we cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Buy Your Wedding Sparklers Today

Whether you buy online or pick up locally from our Texas warehouse, you can trust Wedding Sparklers Outlet to provide high-quality sparklers for your special day. Our vibrant, smokeless gold wire wedding sparklers come in a variety of lengths and package sizes to suit your party's needs.

With our affordable prices, reliable shipping, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we're here to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Order your wedding sparklers today, and let the magic begin!