One of your best friends was telling you about a party she went to a few months ago where the guests all had confetti cannons to help add to the celebrations. This left you curious about what these "confetti cannons" are, how they work, and how you can add them to your wedding or party and make a big splash.

What Is a Party Confetti Cannon?

Confetti cannons are essentially a cylinder that is split into two sections. The top part is filled with paper or Mylar confetti. The bottom section is filled with a compressed gas, typically nitrogen. By twisting the two halves or turning a catch, the compressed gas is released and forces its way up the tube and out. This causes all of the confetti to shoot out up to 20 feet in the air.

The good news is that confetti cannons are considered very safe to use as long as the person uses them with care. Never point the cannon at another person or at yourself as the confetti comes out of the tube at high pressure and could cause injury if it hits a person's eyes. While younger children can use them, they should only use them under supervision. Otherwise, you can give the little ones containers of loose confetti they can toss over everyone.

Getting It Right the First Time

One thing you must be aware of when planning to use confetti cannons for your wedding or your next big party is that you only get one chance. Party cannons come with a single charge and load. Teaching your guests how to use the confetti cannons can avert mishaps, but also you should purchase enough cannons to have a backup supply just in case something should happen.

When you buy your confetti cannons from the Wedding Sparklers Outlet, they always come preloaded with your choice of confetti, a pre-charged gas cylinder, and a paper seal that you need to puncture before firing. Be sure you give everyone in your party instructions on how to safely use their party confetti cannon. We recommend printing a small set of instructions and handing each guest a copy along with their cannon.

Do You Need Confetti Cannons for Your Party?

Well, you can always have a party without confetti cannons, but only if you want to be the host of yet another mundane party that most of your guests will soon forget. On the other hand, if you really want your party to be the one that your guests are still talking about several months down the road, you need to step outside the box, and drop the ordinary in favor of the extraordinary.

Make sure that you buy enough confetti cannons to ensure each guest gets at least one. At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we carry a large selection of confetti cannons for you to choose from. We also have baby gender announcement confetti cannons, heart-shaped confetti cannons, and wedding confetti cannons for you to choose from.