When most people think of wedding sparklers, if they think of them at all, they do so in terms of the wedding send-off or exit. While this is an excellent use for them and one of the most common, it is by far not the only use for them. In fact, whether you are looking for bachelorette party planning ideas or you are looking for something new and refreshing for your photos or reception, Wedding Sparklers Outlet has the right sparklers and wedding supplies to help.

Create Your Own Centerpieces

The are several ways you can use wedding sparklers to create unique centerpieces for the tables at your wedding reception. The simplest way is to buy the appropriate number of small glass vases and add a handful of sparklers to each one. Aim to put enough in each vase for each guest at the table to have two. Then using ribbon add a bow around the sparklers to create a "bouquet" in much the same way as you would flowers. For added fun add a custom wedding sparkler tag to each of them.

What Flower Girl?

If you plan to have a flower girl at your wedding, why not replace the flower petals with a sparkler. Allow the "sparkler girl" to lead the bride to the altar and create a truly magical and unique moment. Not only this but when you use a sparkler, there are no rose petals to clean up, simply one burnt out piece of steel wire that can be cooled off in cold water and easily disposed of.

It doesn't have to stop with the flower girl; this is just the beginning. You could have each of the groomsmen and bridesmaids for them to light just before they link arms and walk down the aisle behind the newlyweds on their way to the sparkler lit send-off. Talk about a great way to create some memorable wedding photos.

Speaking of Wedding Photos

If your wedding takes you to the point where it is dark outside, you can put our wedding sparklers to good use creating a fantastic array of wedding photographs. For example, have the bride and groom pose kissing while holding a heart-shaped sparkler over their heads. The sparks are harmless, and our sparklers burn virtually smoke-free so you won’t have to worry about hazy pictures.

Try long exposure photos where you are writing words with the sparkler. This takes a skilled photographer, but most professionals know how to make these photos turn out perfect. They can also help with several other ways to add wedding sparklers to your photos that are sure to enhance the magic.

The First Dance

Have everyone in the wedding party grab at least one of our 36-inch sparklers, then just as the music for the newlyweds' first dance have everyone light them. The guests then surround the happy couple in a glorious golden glow that will last for up to the 3 1/2 minutes. Talk about a way to add a touch of pure magic to your special day. Visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet online and be sure to order early.