Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. The long warm days lead to cool evenings that are perfect for your wedding reception. As the sun sets, there are many different ways to add a little extra dazzle to the event. One of our favorite wedding reception ideas is to order a selection of wedding sparklers packages from Wedding Sparklers Outlet.

Light Up Your Tables


Our wedding sparklers packages include your choice of 10, 20, and 36" sparklers. Place one sparkler inside a custom wedding sparklers tag at each table setting for your guests. They can use them during your toast to add a touch of magic to the moment. Be sure you place a lighter at each table for your guests to use.


Create Great Centerpieces


Among one of our favorite wedding reception ideas is to place a selection of sparklers in a vase filled with colored glass pebbles. The colored glass adds a touch of brightness to each table and the sparklers are there to be used by your guests at any time they feel is appropriate.


For Your First Dance


Be sure you supply your guests with plenty of 36" sparklers they can use to light up your first dance together as a married couple. Your guests are sure to enjoy being able to do this, and what could be more romantic than dancing together under a shower of golden sparks?


Why Buy Our Wedding Sparklers?


There are plenty of great wedding reception ideas that make use of our wedding sparklers packages. But why not run out to the nearest party supply store and buy a ton of small packages of the sparklers they sell? The best possible reason for this would have to be the cost. When you buy sparklers in small packages or worse yet individually, you could easily end up spending a small fortune on them.


When you buy our wedding sparklers packages, we sell them in quantities based on the number of guests you plan to have at the reception. Our packages range in quantities from 40 sparklers (36" sparklers) to 240 sparklers (20" sparklers) making it easy to decide which package to buy.


All sparklers have easy-to-light tips and come with instructions for ease of use. They all burn virtually smoke-free and are safe for outdoor and indoor use. We recommend using 10-inch sparklers for smaller groups as they may not need to burn for long. At the same time, if your wedding party is large, you may want to order our 36-inch wedding sparklers packages as they burn for up to 3 1/2 minutes, giving the bride and groom plenty of time to make their exit.


Be sure you have galvanized buckets to store the unused sparklers in and have a few with water in them for your guests to place the used ones in. The water will help cool the hot leftover rods quickly, eliminating the risk of fires or someone getting burned. For more wedding reception ideas, visit us at Wedding Sparklers Outlet.