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Wedding Flower Trends of 2021

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 3/1/2021 to Weddings
Wedding Flower Trends of 2021
The hottest trends in flowers for the upcoming wedding season take two wildly divergent paths: the organic natural look and the over-the-top art artistry. But, hey--who doesn’t love choice? Let’s take a closer look at the smaller trends that make up the two categories of wedding flower trends this year. 

The Natural Look 

Seeking the theme of peace and tranquility, white and neutral colors are fast becoming a floral favorite. Coupling creamy orchids, white roses, or fluffy peonies with a backdrop of greenery is classic with a twist of modern aesthetic. 

Some florists are even bleaching greenery like pampas grass and palm leaves for a touch of BoHo Chic. Also making a splash in the mainstream right now are dried flower arrangements. Traditionally used for vintage weddings, more brides are choosing to adorn tables and bouquets with dried daisies, baby’s breath, herbs and grasses. 

These can be used alone or mixed with fresh flowers for an added punch of contrasting color. Another benefit of using dried flowers is having a variety of ready-made keepsakes for the bride and guests.

The Artsy Splash 

For those who want more a bold statement in their wedding, large fantastical arrangements for the altar are coming into use. Because of the pandemic, people are easing into normal with smaller weddings, and these larger pieces are a fun way to bring some playfulness into these downplayed events. They also show up well on video for guests who may be attending by Zoom meetings or other video platforms. 

Another bold choice for wedding florals is the popular spray-painted flowers. 

Event designers and florists use bright and surprising colored spray paints to amp up otherwise traditional bouquets and floral arrangements. Vibrant pastels can make any arrangement both playful and cheerful, while metallic coppers, silvers, and rose gold can lend a dash of opulence or earthiness, as the backdrop requires. 

Any of these looks can be supplemented (and upgraded) with the use of colored or neutral wedding confetti, and fun statement pieces like wedding sparklers. These additions add special touches to your special day and make for beautiful moments captured by cameras. 

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