The day you’ve dreamed of your whole life is almost here: your wedding day! The excitement is palpable, your friends and family are eager to see you step into this next chapter of your life, and there’s so much to do. Seriously... there is so much on your to-do list! 

Who knew wedding planning could be this stressful? Between the guest list and wedding themes and catering options and venues, your to-do list has suddenly become overwhelming. If you’re stressed and don’t know how you’ll pull it all off,  know that many before you have been in your shoes and learned tips and tricks to help them get through it.

Wedding Planning Anxiety-Busting Tips

Take a deep breath and relax. Before doing anything else, it’s important to breathe. Deep, slow breaths. Close your eyes if you need to. Put on meditation music. Grab your maid of honor and head out for a spa day. You need to find ways to relax so you can better enjoy the wedding planning process. 

Keep it all in perspective. Even if the world seems to be ending, this whole process is temporary. Even if the event hall that was at the top of your list is booked, we’re sure that the facility you do end up at will be just as great—maybe even unexpectedly better! Soon the planning will be done and you’ll be dancing the night away!

Set small goals. If your list seems endless, pick one or two things to do every day. Make a phone call. Pick a menu option. Browse venues in the area. Not everything needs to happen immediately, the process takes time. There is a great satisfaction to be found in watching your to-do dwindle down.

Rely on others. Your friends, family, and future spouse are there to help you. Let them. At the end of the day, the big decisions are between you and your partner, but it never hurts to let others lighten the load for you. If a friend offers to venue shop with you, let them. If they want to help you with favors, thank them!  

Remember, this is going to be one of the best days of your life! It’s all about celebration and love. Though the intense planning can make it easy to get overwhelmed, there is so much happiness and joy to be found at the end of all this. Take a deep breath, keep things in perspective, set small goals, rely on those around you, and you’ll be just fine. Trust us, when the day comes that you walk away from your reception with wedding sparklers waving you off to your honeymoon, you’ll be so thankful for the memories that you created in the planning process.