Winter is a wonderful time of year to get married, especially if you live in a snowy part of the country. Where once spring and summer weddings were all the rage, winter weddings are becoming one hottest wedding trends out there. Snow can make a wonderful background for your wedding photos and adding heart sparklers to them will only make your pictures more romantic and special. Here are a few ideas to help create a spectacular Christmas wedding.

Your Wedding Cake

‘Tis the season, so why not take advantage of this in your color scheme? Have the baker deck your cake out in red and green, use sugar ribbons and hard candy drops to decorate and then lightly powder it with edible silver dust. This vintage look, illuminated by our cake sparklers, is sure to look amazing and be the focal point of your reception.

Your Party Favors

Your wedding reception wouldn't be complete without some form of party favors for your guests at their dinner table seats. Traditionally, this is a small mesh bag of expensive chocolates. But do something different and put one of our wedding sparklers at each setting, complete with a wedding sparkler tag with the person's name on it. Your guest can light them at any time as they are non-toxic as well as virtually smoke-free, letting everyone have fun.

Your Centerpieces

Christmas is the perfect time to get really creative with the centerpieces that will be going on each of the tables. One very popular choice is ice sculptures, but these can be quite costly. A less expensive option would be ice vases that can 

have a bouquet of flowers and several of our silver heart sparklers placed in them. As long as the sparkler rods aren’t touching the flowers, they can be lit at any time. Poinsettias are an excellent choice as they are the flower of the season.

The Toast

Every wedding reception starts off with the traditional champagne toast. It's a simple thing: the cork is popped, glasses are filled, and the toast is made. Using our bottle topper wedding sparklers and holder, you can place sparklers on either side of the bottle, creating a glittering shower of golden sparkles that reflect off the flowing river of champagne. What a great way to create a unique and glamorous toast to the bride and groom.

Plan Your Exit

At some point in the evening, it will be time for the newlyweds to head out to their honeymoon. This is the perfect time for our 36-inch wedding sparklers. Hand one to each guest and have them line the pathway the bride and groom will be using to make their exit. Or, give each guest red heart sparklers, and line the couple’s path with red, glowing love! Once everyone has lit their sparklers, the glow will bounce off the snow in the dark and create a stunning tunnel of light for them to proceed through to their car.

These are only a few tips and ideas as to how you can use wedding sparklers from the Wedding Sparklers Outlet to help you create the Christmas wedding of your dreams and one your guests will remember for many years to come.