It is your special day, and you are going through a traditional wedding. For some, that can be a dream come true, and for others, that may seem dull. No matter which side of the aisle you land on, adding wedding sparklers can be a fun and easy process.


Every wedding has photos, and sparklers can be a fun and unique way to make your photos pop. You or your guest could use the sparklers for the pictures. Sparklers can be used in photos in many different ways. For starters, you could give them to your guests and have guests light them for the first kiss or during your first dance. You could also use the 36 inch wedding sparklers to write words in the air. This one could be for either your guest or you to participate in. 

Bride’s Entrance

Another exciting way to incorporate sparklers into your wedding is to use them for the bride’s entrance. There are several possibilities for incorporating sparklers during this part of the wedding. For starters, all your guests could hold 20 inch sparklers and have them lit during the walk down. This could provide exceptional pictures and create a serene environment. You could also use sparklers along the aisle and have them lit when you are walking down. Finally, you could have your flower girls use them instead of them tossing flowers.


The centerpiece is a great way to incorporate wedding cake sparklers because they will blend into the flowers that are already there. The sparklers tags can be used to help people find their seats. Sparklers could also be placed in the centerpiece itself, with instructions on when to use them. These instructions allow you to become as creative as you want, and you could incorporate the sparklers at several points in the wedding. Putting them in the centerpiece helps make sure that everyone can use them.

Sparklers are a great and relativity inexpensive way to spice up any wedding. While we have named three different scenarios where you could incorporate sparklers, there are endless possibilities for them. It all depends on your independent creativity or the creativity of the people attending the wedding.