For most of us, there is no such thing as just another party! Some are fun, others are boring, and then there are those that were so over the top, you're not sure you will ever forget them! Does this sound like the kind of party you want to be remembered for? Then maybe you should consider adding confetti cannons to your list of party favors.

Keeping the Smile Going

One of the most important jobs you have as the host of the party is to keep everyone smiling and having fun. Not an easy task at any party, but when you add in a party confetti cannon or 12 to the party, you’ll keep things hopping!  In fact, why not give everyone confetti cannons to share when they walk in the door? You can tell your guests to wait for a special signal before they set them off. Alternatively, let your guests decide for themselves when they want to fire their cannon off.

You might be surprised at how much fun being showered by thousands of tiny shreds of colored paper can be. (Our confetti is made from paper and is fully-biodegradable) How much fun can you have with a party confetti cannon that can blast its contents up to 20 feet in the air? Since our confetti cannons are non-pyrotechnic (they use compressed air), they can be used indoors and outside. If your party is indoors, your home is likely to look like it snowed a rainbow in your living room.

Sounds Good So Far

Here at Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we carry one of the largest selections of party cannons available. We have party confetti cannons to cover just about any type of party you are thinking about throwing. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year! Bring in the new year with our metallic confetti cannons available in blue, silver, or gold.

In charge of a Valentine's Day party for the kids? Our party confetti cannons filled with red heart-shaped confetti is the perfect thing. Since these confetti cannons use a small charge of compressed air to blast the confetti inside up to 20 feet in the air, the kids should be supervised. Bear in mind that as long as they aren't actively trying to shoot each other with them, our confetti cannons are safe for most ages. On top of this, when it's snowing paper hearts, the girls are sure to swoon.

Is It a Boy? A Girl?

So, you've had your sonogram and it's time for your gender reveal party, after all, everyone at work and all your friends have been driving you nuts wanting to know whether you are having a boy or a girl. Rather than simply telling them, which is fun, but rather an ordinary way to make your announcement, you can do it with confetti cannons. This is the perfect time for our gender reveal party confetti cannons. They are available in pink or blue.

Simply give one to each of your guests, show them how to work them, and then count down from 10. When you get to zero, your guests will find out the gender of your new child based on the color of the confetti! What a unique way to let your friends know the gender of your new baby! Come visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet and see our entire collection of affordable confetti cannons.