Summer is the perfect time for a wedding. Not only can you expect amazing weather on most summer days, but there are so many ways you can add a special touch to your special day. We thought we'd offer a few of our favorite wedding planning ideas to help you spice up your wedding and reception without having to spend a fortune on wedding supplies.


The Food Truck


Food trucks are all the rage these days and depending on where you live, you should be able to find several of them. You should be able to find everything from a taco truck to trucks that serve more haute cuisine. This is one of our favorite wedding planning ideas and one your guests are sure to enjoy (not to mention, food trucks are far less expensive than a fully catered meal). You can hire the truck for your wedding and pay the bill after everyone has had their fill.


Your Paper Goods


For many people, paper wedding goods like invitations, seating cards, programs, napkins and any other paper wedding supplies you can think of are printed using black or gold ink. For summer weddings, consider using something a little more delicate such as pastel colors. If you can find a printer that works with watercolors, they make the perfect choice for summer weddings.


Add a Chill to the Day


What could be better than having your guests sit down to a nicely chilled glass of rosé as they enter your reception hall or pavilion? Not much. Rosé is a light wine that is incredibly refreshing when chilled. Keep in mind, there is no reason to spend a fortune on this wine. There are plenty of inexpensive options that are exceptional.


Jazz Up the Punch


Not every drink served at your reception has to be alcoholic. No matter what type of fruity cocktail or beverage you serve, you can use popsicles as swizzle sticks. They are a great way to add a seasonal flair to your drinks and help cool everyone down at the same time. 

More Frozen Treats


While your reception and cocktail hour are likely to be filled with a variety of seasonal favorites, here's one of our favorites. Cut wedges of watermelon slices, push a popsicle stick through the rind and freeze them. Talk about a cool refreshing treat for your guests.


Hats On!


If you are planning a daytime outdoor wedding, chances are pretty good your guests are going to need a little shade to help them stay cool. One of the best ways to keep the sun's heat at bay is to provide enough fedoras for everyone. These trendy hats can be among your more inexpensive wedding supplies and will definitely help your guests battle the sun's heat.


Choose a Cooler Part of the Day


Helping your guests stay cool is one of our best wedding planning ideas, as you can see by the suggestions above. But one of the best ideas is to plan your wedding for a cooler part of the day such as early evening. Consider a sunset wedding followed by an evening reception, minimizing the time your guests will be exposed to the sun.


These are only some of the hottest summer wedding tips. For more tips and to order a supply of wedding sparklers to add a touch of magic to your special day, visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet. We are your home for sparkling wedding supplies.