When it comes to giving the bride and groom the proper send off, nothing can complement the experience quite like wedding sparklers. When used carefully and correctly, wedding sparklers can provide an ethereal, vibrant ambiance to a wedding send off.

When using wedding sparklers, the very first step wedding planners should attend to is ensuring that the reception venue allows the use of sparklers in their surrounding premises. There’s nothing worse than an important part of the wedding ceremony being stunted by the lack of proper planning, so it’s important to ensure that sparklers are allowed outside the venue. Additionally, an organization in this regard is key, so wedding planners should let the DJ know to make an announcement at least 10 minutes prior to the send off, alerting everyone to form a path along the bride and groom with their matches and sparklers at the ready. Finally, steps should be taken to ensure that the proper waste receptacles are made available for wedding party members to put out their sparklers once they’re through with them. Now that the technicalities are out of the way, here are some great wedding send-off ideas that can accent the end of the ceremony.

Highlighting the Send Off With a Kiss

Once the wedding is over, the bride and groom, as well as their friends and loved ones, thankfully have an assortment of pictures to look through that recall the event in all its glory. When it comes to glorious wedding pictures, there’s nothing quite as beautiful and inspiring as a kiss during the middle of the send off, lit up brightly on both sides by friends and family members holding wedding sparklers.

Writing Letters With the Light

An additional idea for a beautiful wedding picture is having the bride and groom write a message in the air with the sparklers. Photographers can set a high exposure time on their cameras, allowing all the light to come in as the bride and groom spell out their chosen words in the air. Popular choices in this regard are the spelling of the word ‘Love’, or the initials of the bride and groom.

Floor Sparklers Alongside the Wedding Car

After the bride and groom have entered their car and are prepared to leave the venue, there’s no reason why the sparkling fun should not continue. Wedding planners can opt to choose from the various floor sparklers for sale and choose the right ones to light the car’s path as it drives away. Since floor sparklers are typically much more intense than handheld sparklers, it’s important that the proper safety measures are taken to ensure that no one is close to the sparklers as they go off.

Weddings are ceremonies that leave a lot of room for creativity, so wedding planners are encouraged to experiment with different ideas when it comes to lighting the happy couple’s send off with sparklers. These three ideas are tried and true, though there are many send off ideas yet to be discovered. Experiment, and have fun!