Tired Of Traditional? Here’s How You Can Make Your Wedding Day Stand Out

our wedding day planning is going perfectly… well, almost perfectly. Is that extra something that gives your special day a personal, fun touch missing? Well, we have a solution: sparklers. We know what you’re thinking: “But aren’t those just for the Fourth of July, or birthdays?”. And they are, traditionally! But when was the last time you’ve been to a wedding that was unique, fun, and creative, all while maintaining that classy, chic look Bridal Guide would die for? Chances are, you haven’t! Well, get ahead of the curve and be that trendsetter!

We’ve come up with some fun and different ways you can incorporate sparklers on the most memorable day of your life.  

Ditch The Flowers:  Our smokeless sparklers are a great alternative to light up the aisle instead as your flower girl walks down. 

Table Decorations: Set out gold or silver decorative buckets with sparklers for everyone at the table. These heart sparklers make a great decorative piece that can be lit later on. As the sun sets, watch as the venue begins to glow and sparkle as everyone lights their own sparkler.

Light The Cake: Who needs figurines when a few sparklers will do? Light them up as you and your partner cut the first slice for a beautiful moment of celebration.

The Perfect Send-off: When the night is over, watch as your closest friends and family light a path for you and your new spouse as you ride off into the sunset.

Small Welcome Bags: As if everyone isn’t already going to be raving about your beautifully creative wedding for the next month, give them a small reminder of the fun they had with a little note attached to a sparkler as a keepsake. 

Confetti Cannons as an Option: Our compressed air confetti cannons shoot as high as fifteen feet in the air before gracefully floating back to the ground.  Have your best man set it off right as you are pronounced man and wife or as you walk down the aisle as husband and wife. A beautiful moment for those who can’t have a lit sparkler for whatever moment. 

These items are just some of the ways that you can add some fun and unique sparkle to your wedding.  If you want your wedding to have that little bit of “you” that makes the night so memorable, consider this fun alternative for a night of love, laughter, and light!