We all have memories of the 4th of July: hot dogs and running through our neighbors’ yards watching the fireworks and bathing suits that were still a little damp from swimming all day. It was the cornerstone of being a kid and living life to the fullest. But when the sparklers were brought... then the party really started. What was it that we loved so much about running around watching the sparks fly off these sticks? What was it that stuck with us for years, looking for that same rush of excitement our 8-year-old selves had?

It was the feeling of holding something so bright, so exciting, in our hands, with the smallest touch of risk, and just the visual appeal that sparklers had. This was joy, real and tangible. Why can't we extend that to more than once a year?

Something that we have come to know especially in the past decade or so… sparklers are no longer reserved just for the 4th of July. For those of us looking to chase that excitement any chance they get, we have sparklers for birthdays, graduations, weddings, bridal showers- just about any celebration can go for a bit of pizzazz! 

Any birthday, regardless of the age, can benefit from a little sparkler intermission. Just like any cake, be it wedding, graduation, anniversary, can stand to add some height and light with a pack of glittering sparklers. Tired of the tried and old birthday candles? Sparklers. Want an activity to surprise the birthday girl at her party? Sparklers. It’s easy, exciting, and makes any venue and picture turn out a million times better and more memorable. 

At our Wedding Sparklers Outlet, you can buy sparklers in bulk, along with an assortment of other party ambiance needs, delivered in time for your event. You can customize sparkler tags, grab display buckets, and wrap it all up in a nice party package all for your own convenience!