If you are planning a fabulous wedding, wedding sparklers must be included in your celebration! Sparklers for a wedding give your special day that extra touch that nobody will forget! However, there are dos and don’ts for using sparklers at your wedding. Let’s talk about them to ensure you DO all of the best sparkler traditions and DON’T have any mishaps!

Let’s start with the DON’Ts. This is important because this list could seriously interfere with your magical day. Let’s begin!


Assume the venue will allow sparklers (Check ahead of time!)

This is very important! You don’t want to be denied the day of your wedding for a magical sparkler send-off! Check ahead of time to ensure the venue complies with this!

Announcement ahead of time

Tell your guests ahead of time! Set a time and inform guests when the send-off will be taking place. You don’t want any confusion or chaos when it comes time for your special send-off. Plan accordingly!

Not buying enough

Make sure each guest will have a sparkler (or two)! Double check the guest list and order the appropriate amount of sparklers. It’s okay to order a few more than not enough! You can keep the extra sparklers as a keepsake!

Wrong timing

Make sure all guests are on the same page! Designate somebody in the wedding party to ensure all guests are informed of the time and location. The wrong time could make for a horrible ending!

Planing on using matches to light

Do not use matches!  Otherwise, your grand send-off will be awfully dark and anti-climatic. Be sure you have lighters with the sparklers to ensure a bright night with sparks flying in your honor! Read the lighting instructions that comes with your order.

Assume somebody will take a romantic picture (Plan ahead!)

This is one of the most important don’ts on the list. Do NOT assume somebody will snap that iconic kissing photo beneath a sea of sparklers. Designate your photographer or friends to take photos of that moment. It would be a shame to miss such a great photo opportunity!


Plan Ahead

How long will your send-off be? When should guests light their sparklers? How long will the sparklers burn for? On our website, we have the answers to these questions. Be sure to purchase sparklers that will burn for an adequate amount of time!  

Personalize Your Send-Off

Personalize the send-off! Add music or something fun to remember the event! Our sparklers can be personalized for your special day! Order special tags with your wedding date, hashtag and more to give your magical day that extra touch. They make for great keepsakes!

Include Everybody

Let everybody know they are welcome to participate! They are a part of your special day, make sure they know that! Include sparklers at their table and designate somebody to inform everybody when the event is taking place. Your guests will feel just as special as you do as they send you off as husband and wife for the first time!

Make it Romantic

Sparklers, your loved ones, a kiss...What could be more romantic? Your send-off photos will be the ones you show your grandkids one day. Make the event as romantic as possible! Throw down rose petals on your runway or play romantic music as you kiss in front of all your loved ones. It’s your moment!

At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we have lots of wedding sparklers to choose from! Make sure you order enough for all your guests and enjoy that magical send-off! Be sure to follow our DO’s and DON’TS list to ensure it’s the perfect day!