There is nothing worse than looking back to your wedding day and wishing you had done this and not that. However, one addition to your wedding are sure to regret not having, is plenty of wedding sparklers on hand for your guests. Our 20-inch wedding sparklers have so many uses, such as giving you a fabulous exit that is far more memorable than using rice or flower petals. We carry a full range of sparklers in 10, 20, and 36-inch lengths for you to choose from. We've put together a little important information for you to consider.


The Right Sparklers for Your Wedding


If you want your exit to be nothing short of spectacular, it's important that you buy the right wedding sparklers at the outset. Our 20-inch wedding sparklers, like the rest of our selection, burn virtually smoke-free. This means you can use them for indoor and outdoor activities such as your grand send off. The other important feature to look for is sparklers that have a metal rod for a core. Those with bamboo or wooden sticks are not going to work well as the stick may catch on fire and ruin the effect you were hoping for.


The Right Quantity of Sparklers Is Important


When trying to decide on both the number of wedding sparklers you need and the right size, you need to know how many guests you are expecting on your special day. The most important part of planning your grand exit is making sure the sparklers you buy will burn long enough for you to make it to the other end of the line of guests before they burn out. The last thing you want is for those holding sparklers at the far end to have them sputter out before you reach them.


We recommend our 20-inch wedding sparklers if you are expecting 100 guests or less. They burn for approximately 2 minutes. If you are planning for more than 100 guests, you may find our 36-inch wedding sparklers to be a better choice, they burn for 3.5 minutes. This should give you plenty of time to make it from one end of the exit gauntlet to the other. Our sparklers all feature easy-light tips and burn virtually smokeless.


Be Sure You Let Your Guests Know


If you are planning to add weddings sparklers to your special day, you should plan on making sure your guests are aware of it. One great way to do so is to place a sign announcing the fact over a bucket of sparklers. This way your guests can take one on their way out of your wedding venue and create an incredible glowing archway of sparks for you and your new spouse to walk through. 

If you are going to use sparklers, however, you should have at least one if not two metal buckets filled with water for the burned-out sparklers. This will stop people from setting them down anywhere potentially causing someone or something to get burned or worse yet start a fire.

If you are interested in adding some glitz to your wedding day, be sure you visit us at Wedding Sparklers Outlet. We sell in bulk to help keep prices down and have a great selection for you to choose from.