If you love the warm weather, beach trips, and the feeling of the sun, there’s no doubt that perhaps summer should be the season you have your wedding in. The summer season brings longer days allowing more sunlight into the early evening hours, an abundance of flowers that are perfectly bloomed, and fewer conflicts with holidays and school. Summer is the season people are most relaxed and are looking for a vacation. So why not have your summer wedding as one of them? 

The only drawback is the heat. However, this shouldn’t be a deciding factor for you as there are plenty of ways to host a summer wedding without sweating the entire time. So today, we’ve compiled a list of a few summer wedding ideas for you to consider. Hopefully, these will help cool down the air temperature on your big day, without sacrificing the beautiful season of summer that you love so much. 

Utilize the Shade

Without completely blocking the summer sun, using natural shade at the venue of your choice will let your guests cool down or enjoy the warm breeze out of direct sunlight. This will also minimize the need to rent a tent which will allow more room in your budget for other things!

Choose a Pop of Color!

Summer means tons of colors. It doesn’t matter which color, summer allows for them all as there is no real “color palette” like the other seasons. Mix and match at your whim. It’ll only complement the summer vibe even more. Summer weddings are using five colors - three main colors and two accent ones. A few of our favorite colors include peach and teal, pink and purple, and navy, cream, and green.

Choose Your Flowers Wisely

Although flowers are known to be fully bloomed in the summer seasons, they also easily wilt when sitting out in the water for a long period of time. This means you should choose your flowers wisely when sitting down with your florist. During your wedding, you want everything to stay and look as fresh as possible. The best solution is to choose flowers that can hold up to the summer heat, ask your florist about this. 

Be Sure You Have Fresh Food & COLD Drinks

Remember, although a summer evening can be beautiful it’s still fairly warm. If you aren’t having a caterer serve your food, and you have food sitting out be sure it is staying fresh. We recommend icing heavy food displays for this. For drinks, be sure the bar is stock with plenty of cold beverages besides the alcohol. It’s important for you and your guests to hydrate throughout the evening. 

Double-Duty Decor

While summer is a beautiful season, bugs and mosquitos are at an all-time high. We recommend using citronella or another bug-repellant fragrant candle in your centerpieces. They will look at the same as any other candle but also be doing the job of keeping the bugs out of your guests’ faces!

Remember, there are plenty of ways around everything. A summer wedding can be beautiful, you might just have to get a little bit more creative. Don’t let anything stop you from having the summertime wedding of your dreams!