Summertime for many means long days out on the lake swimming, boating, water skiing, or simply lazing around on a float. The days may be hot and sunny but the evenings, when things start to cool off, are often the best times to have a party. There are bonfires to light, s'mores to make, hot dogs and marshmallows to cook over an open flame. Why not visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet and take a look at our selection of sparklers for any event?


Set the Mood


When it comes to partying at the lake, we're all looking for ways to add a touch of magic to the evening. Our party sparklers come in three different sizes; 10, 20, and 36 inches. Each burn for different amounts of time. The 10" sparklers burn for 30 seconds, the 20" for 1.5 to 2 minutes and the 36" sparklers burn for up to 3.5 minutes, making them perfect for nighttime fun by the lake.


Our sparklers for any event emit showers of golden sparks bathing everyone in their glow. Imagine watching everyone walking along the edge of the lake and all you can see of them is the golden glow of our party sparklers.


Make It Fun for All Ages


Our party sparklers are safe for all ages, but if you are going to let children have sparklers at your next bonfire by the lake, you should only do so provided there are enough adults to closely supervise them. While the sparks emitted by our sparklers for any event are harmless, the steel rods themselves become extremely hot. You should never allow children to use these sparklers unsupervised as serious injuries can occur.


Let the kids have fun using their sparklers to write their names in the night sky, or create crazy light patterns out of glowing golden sparks. Thanks to the fact that our party sparklers burn virtually smoke free, you never have to worry about smoke getting in anyone's eyes and causing trouble. However, be sure you keep a couple of metal buckets of water handy for the glowing hot remains of the sparklers to be placed in. Not only will this cool them off and make them safe, but it will help ensure everyone puts their sparklers where they belong.


Create Memorable Photographs


Once the sun has fully set and the night sky is dark, it’s the perfect time to break out the camera and set it up on a tripod so you can use timed exposures. The photos you take will show the glow from the sparklers as they move through the night sky. Your guests can use them to write words or create amazing images in the sky, and thanks to time-lapse photography, you will end up with photos that capture the whole thing.  Encourage your friends and family to be as creative as possible. Not only will this help create a selection of incredible images, but you can bet your guests will have fun.


For more ideas or to order sparklers for your next lakeside party, visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet. We have 10, 20, and 36-inch sparklers, all of which emit glowing clouds of golden sparks without the massive amounts of smoke many others produce.