If your childhood was like many where the 4th of July meat picnics, fireworks, and, of course, sparklers. Not only did these sparklers give off fascinating golden showers of sparks, but they also created plumes of smoke you could use to write in the sky with. These may not be the best wedding sparklers for your outdoor event. A much better choice would be to give everyone smokeless sparklers. 


The Truth About Smokeless Sparklers


Fast forward to sparklers for indoor and outdoor use are smokeless sparklers. But are they smokeless? Doesn’t everything give off at least some smoke when it burns? To answer both questions, the simple answer is yes to both questions. Like most sparklers, when first lit, they give off a small amount of smoke. However, once the sparklers are lit and have reached "burning'' temperature, they are virtually smoke-free. This makes them the perfect choice for your wedding.


Be Sure You Can Use Sparklers?


No matter whether you buy the best wedding sparklers or traditional sparklers, you must obtain permission from the property owner/manager before lighting them, You are likely to find it easier to get permission if you are planning to use sparklers. Very few are likely to permit you to use wedding sparklers that give off clouds of smoke that set off the smoke alarms.


Keep in mind that smokeless or not, sparklers do get hot. The sparks are not necessarily hot, but once they have finally given their all the metal rod will be. To make sure no one tries to set the party on fire or burns themselves, keep several metal buckets of water handy. Everyone can easily place the hot rods in the water to cool them off.


Making Your Wedding Photos Better


Using sparklers to add a touch of dazzle and romance to wedding photos. But if they are pouring smoke that hazes your photographs, they certainly aren't going to turn out very nice. On the other hand, if you are using smokeless sparklers, you get all the dazzle without any the haze. Plus, if you are paying a professional photographer, they aren't likely to enjoy trying to take good shots when you are obstructed by clouds of sparkler smoke.


Many couples use sparklers as part of their reception. They are the perfect choice to give the bride and groom a great sendoff. Have your guests line up on either side of the path and light their sparklers. The bride and groom now have an arch made of golden sparklers to make their exit through. Be sure you use 36" sparklers as they burn for up to 3 1/2 minutes.  


While many places offer sparklers that burn smoke-free, you need to be careful where you shop. At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we carry a full line of 10, 20, and 36-inch wedding sparklers for you to choose from. We also have cake sparklers and heart-shaped sparklers for you to choose from to make your wedding fun and memorable for everyone. For more information or to place an order, visit us online.