Weddings are events filled with light, levity, and opulence. The love and energy at weddings can be as electrifying as they are vibrant. One trend that brides and grooms have latched onto in recent years as a way to embody that electric and exciting energy is through sparklers. Some of the popular uses, that also make for some stunning photo ops, are as send-off lines, on cakes, and even mixed in on table centerpieces.

We’ve all seen the shot. The jubilant couple is walking out of the reception, clasped together, ducking under an arch of dazzling fire light. The excitement of the crowd radiates, and the warm glow of the sparklers surrounds the happy couple and truly makes them feel like the world is rooting for them. In the same idea, sparklers can be used during the first dance around the edge of the dance floor, or even during the bride’s entrance for a really memorable first look. And, sparklers sure look a lot better than throwing rice or birdseed.

Another use for sparklers can be on the wedding cake or cupcakes or donut installation- whatever the sweet treat is! If your cake is two tiers or something sky scraping like five, sticking some sparklers add height, dimension, and make the cake cutting moment all the more memorable. You spend a lot of time picking out the perfect cake and design and flavor- make sure people notice it!

Mixing sparklers into the centerpieces, while they can’t burn for long, are an original and understated way of setting your reception tables. The guests feel included in the excitement and energy and makes for a great room-wide photo opportunity.

Where do you go to even buy these sparklers, though? A party supply store? A mega shopping center? Lucky for you, our entire business is aimed at providing you with your safe sparkler needs. However you choose to use sparklers on your Big Day, you can’t go wrong. Everyone loves a little bit of glamour, a lot of light, and the inherent excitement of sparklers.