A birthday party should always be something special, no matter how young or old the person celebrating happens to be. But, if you are the one who has the task of planning the party, then it's up to you to come up with something different, something special that ensures everyone who shows up will never forget the party you put together. One way to do this is to ensure you think outside the box and add number sparklers to the event. There are many different ways in which you can include sparklers for parties into the big day that are sure to delight everyone.

The Cake

What would a birthday be without a birthday cake? Every year, another cake and one more candle, the “same old, same old.” Maybe you were a bit more creative every once in while and used number candles, maybe not. Or perhaps you’ve used those silly candles that won't blow out, but everyone has done that.

What if you could find birthday numbers that — instead of being candles — were actually number sparklers? Imagine how delighted the person on the receiving end is going to be when they open their eyes, and their age is being displayed in glowing showers of sparkles! Our number sparklers are food safe and burn virtually smoke free, making them the perfect new touch to the celebration.

The Guests

Looking for a fun way to let your guests join in the celebration? Take a look at our package of sparklers for parties that is just for birthdays. You get so much for your party all in one birthday sparklers package, including ten sleeves of 10" sparklers (72), six sleeves of 13" sparklers (48), four cake/bottle top sparklers, ten boxes of kids snappers, and two multicolored confetti cannons. There is something in this package for everyone and more than enough to go around.

All sparklers in this package are designed to burn virtually smoke-free and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. If being used by children, adult supervision is recommended. The only real problem when it comes number sparklers or sparklers of any kind is trying to determine who the real kids are. Young or old, everyone turns into a kid when they have sparklers to play with after the sun goes down.

Bringing in the Guest of Honor

Of course, since it's supposed to be a surprise party, you could have everyone in a dark room, then bring in the guest of honor. With everyone in place with their backs turned, have them all light their sparklers in a circle as they turn around shouting "Happy Birthday!" Another take on this would be to have the room dark, and have the guest of honor come in, be handed a single lit sparkler with which he can suddenly see the guests while they shout, "Happy Birthday!" Another idea is a dark room, lit only by number sparklers in the person's age, with everyone ready to surprise the guest of honor as they come in. There are just so many different ways to use sparklers for parties to make your surprise party the best one ever!