Plan the Perfect Outdoor Valentine’s Day Wedding
What more is a wedding than a celebration of love? It’s a showcase of the romance between two people and the start of their new life together. It just makes sense to celebrate a wedding on Valentine’s Day! 

 If you’re planning a wedding on Valentine’s Day, you might have fortunately picked the best date. While coronavirus still forces public protocols, your wedding can be the romantic date your invitees wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. 

With a Valentine’s Day theme, you, your betrothed and your loved ones will be bound in enchantment. Of course, to keep your guests safe at your party, an outdoor venue is best and can accentuate the love in the air. Because health and safety are paramount right now, be sure to work with your wedding planner, venue manager, family and friends to ensure proper protocols are followed. You want your wedding to be a memorable celebration for everyone involved. 

Blend the Theme and Environment 

By hosting a wedding outdoors, the natural environment immediately becomes part of your wedding theme. Try to incorporate the surrounding elements into your decor, even if you’re under a tent. This is a shrewd tactic if your wedding takes place in a garden or on a farm, where you can pull the setting into your event. Local flora in your floral arrangements will artfully mix formal elegance and wild beauty. 

Your color scheme should work in harmony with the setting but can still lean into the Valentine’s Day theme (if you want). Depending on the location, bright, vibrant reds may work best, like in a grassy area. A pale pink palette might work best for locations on or near the beach or areas with fewer natural colors. Work with your wedding planner to find the right balance for your wedding. 

Give Couples a Way to Celebrate 

Because attendees are spending the most romantic day of the year with you, you should give them a chance to celebrate their love together at the reception. 

Photo Station 
Set up a romantic backdrop and setting for guests to capture a special picture to keep. Balloons make great props but floral arrangements may be better for the outdoor venue. 

Slow Dances 
Give your DJ a list of slow-dance songs to mix into the playlist and give them special instructions to introduce the slow songs. This will give couples an intimate moment to share. 

Make Everyone Feel Safe

  •  Invite a small guest list and encourage social distancing.  
  •  Keep one row of seats or six feet between groups of guests.  
  •  Make the dance floor larger or set up multiple dance areas. 
  •  Serve a plated dinner, including appetizers and desserts.  
  •  Provide masks for guests—you could customize them for your wedding. 

 Making your guests feel appreciated will make their own Valentine’s Day special and seal your wedding day as a memorable day in everyone’s life.