The big day is slowly coming to an end and the wedding party has started grabbing wedding sparklers for your big exit. This is a moment you and your new spouse are going to remember for as long as you live. The problem is, what can you do to help keep the moment fresh in your mind? The simple answer is, of course, to have this magic moment captured in photographs that you can look at time and again. But taking photographs with sparklers in them can be challenging. Follow these photography tips when using our 10, 20, or 36" wedding sparklers for your grand exit.

Too Much Light

When the sun goes down, the first thing most people do when taking pictures is to turn on the camera's flash. Yet if you are including wedding sparklers as part of your exit, using a flash may add too much light to the picture, which will make the photos look faded or washed out. This tends to make the sparklers fade into the background rather than adding to the picture. At the same time, too little light will result in dark photos where little can be seen. However, by eliminating the flash and using the ambient light created by our 36-inch sparklers, you should have the perfect level of light to create amazing wedding exit photographs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sure, you might think taking practice shots of your wedding exit is not possible since this activity is not typically part of your wedding rehearsals. Yet, if you want good exit pictures using wedding sparklers, the best thing you can do is have your assistant or family member use the same space the happy couple will walk through during their exit procession along with our 36-inch sparklers to take a few practice shots. This will allow you to gauge whether your sparkler shots will turn out and what steps you need to take to make them better when the time comes for the grand exit.

Check Your Camera Settings

How you adjust the settings on your camera will also play a large part in the success of your wedding photos when using sparklers. Here are three ways to make sure your camera is set up to take the best shots:

1. Use your camera's automatic ISO setting, this way your camera will automatically adjust the settings for the best images.

2. Use a higher shutter speed as this will allow your camera to capture the image without allowing the sparklers to overwhelm the photo and cause to look washed out.

3. Use a wide aperture setting, many professional photographers recommend you use the widest setting on your camera. Not only will this reduce the clarity of the image captured, but at the same time, it will reduce blur.

Since you are planning to use wedding sparklers such as those offered by Wedding Sparklers Outlet for your grand exit, consider using our 36-inch sparklers. They burn for approximately 3.5 minutes, giving your photographer plenty of time to get in the best shots as you leave the reception for your honeymoon.