If you are planning your wedding day, there is nothing wrong with sticking to traditions. But, if you want to create a memorable day your guests won't soon forget, you need to be ready to step outside of the box. Sparklers for weddings offer the perfect option to traditional rice as the happy couple leaves the wedding venue. Imagine how much better your special day will be if your family and guests are all holding sparklers aloft for your grand exit? However, as good as this sounds, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid.


The Wedding Venue

The first thing you must take care of is making sure your choice of wedding/reception venues will actually allow you to use sparklers. Many won't due to their insurance policies not covering any potential loss. Even those that do may have limitations on the size of sparklers for weddings you may use. Make sure they will allow both 20 and 36-inch sparklers as these are the best choice for most uses. Plus, if all they allow is short wedding sparklers, there is no point in buying the longer ones.



Don't Forget They Have to Be Lit


If you have customized matchbooks for your guests, they might make great mementos, but they are not really practical for lighting any size sparkler. While our sparklers feature easy-light tips, you need something more than matches to make sure everyone gets theirs lit at approximately the same time. To do this, all you need is a few butane lighters or a couple of BBQ lighters. Once a few are lit, your guests can use the lit sparklers to keep lighting the rest until everyone's sparkler is lit.


Nowhere to Dispose of The Sparklers


Once you and your new spouse have made your grand exit, your guests will need somewhere to put the burnt-out rods. Keep in mind, sparklers for weddings burn incredibly hot. If your guests end up laying them anywhere they can find, there is a serious risk of fire at the very least damage you will end up paying for. What you need is to have several metal buckets of water in convenient spots. Your guests can then place the hot metal rods in the water, cooling them off instantly and keeping everyone safe. Be sure you give someone in your wedding party the job of making sure your guests use the buckets and clean up afterward.


Buying Too Many


While the prices at Wedding Sparklers Outlet are very competitive, it doesn't mean you should buy more than you need. One way to look at this is to consider that only 75 percent of your guests are likely to want a sparkler. Plan for enough of each size you plan to have at your wedding for this number of guests and no more. There is no point in spending money on 

something that isn't going to be used. For a great selection of sparklers for weddings, visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet online and make your wedding one to remember.