Let's face it, your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest and most important day of your life, with the exception of when your children are born. You have probably spent the last several months planning every aspect of your special day. You’ve found the perfect venue, hired the best caterers, spent weeks visiting the wedding dress stores all over town in search of the perfect dress, and more. But, doesn't everyone? These are the common wedding-planning tasks facing the average bride to be. To make your evening wedding unique, have you thought about adding a selection of wedding sparklers?

Why Wedding Sparklers?

A much better question to ask might be "Why not wedding sparklers?" There are so many different ways to make use of sparklers during and after your wedding. We recommend heart-shaped sparklers for several stages of your special day. Start with the people sitting along the aisle. Why not give each of them one of these sparklers to light as you start your walk down the aisle towards the altar? What a romantic start to your new life together.

On the way out, you can have your guests each light a 36-inch wedding sparkler and form an archway through which the newly married couple has to pass on their way to the car that takes them to the reception. Keep in mind that all of our sparklers burn virtually smoke free and are harmless. But, be sure to check with the venue manager to ensure they will permit you to use them indoors.

Time for the Wedding Shoot

No wedding is complete without photographs of the happy couple, the wedding party and just about anything else that happens to be going on at the reception. When it comes to wedding photographs, there are photos, and then there are amazing pictures of your day that will always bring back happy memories. Why not have pictures of the bride and groom each holding heart-shaped sparklers over the other's head? They only burn for about 50 seconds, but this is more than enough time for this great shot.

Have the photographer set up a time-lapse photo and have your guests use their wedding sparklers to spell out words like "LOVE" in the air. The camera will capture beautiful sparkling letters in the dark evening air, making a memory that will last forever. Most photographers have set images they take and then offer to take others for your album. If yours doesn't, you can always have a guest or family member take them, instead. Today's cell phone cameras take amazing photos that can be quickly shared.

Heart-Shaped Sparklers for Your Honeymoon Send-Off

Finish the night off with one more massive sparkly send-off, with everyone holding a fresh set of heart-shaped sparklers aloft lighting the bride and groom's way towards their car as they drive off into their new future.

Keep in mind that all wedding sparklers sold by Wedding Sparklers Outlet burn virtually smoke free, making them safe for indoor use. The work in the exact same way as the sparklers you buy for the 4th of July and are safe for children as long as they are supervised.