You only get married once (or maybe more!) and your wedding day should be one to remember. And what can you do to help keep those memories alive for the rest of your life? Take lots of pictures, along with having a professional photographer. So far, so good; after all, everyone does this. You could, of course, stick to the traditional professional photos and those taken by a few by friends and family, but what you need to make your wedding photos good enough to become an instant Instagram wedding sensation is plenty of wedding sparklers to light up your shots!

Something a Little Out of the Ordinary

Creating a memorable and Instagram-wedding-worthy series of photos doesn't have to be hard. Sparklers are easy to buy, hand out, light, and use to create sensational shots. Here at Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we offer three different lengths of wedding sparklers: 10", 20", and 36". Burn times range for approximately 30 seconds all the way up to a full 3.5 minutes. Our wedding sparklers burn virtually smoke free, and the sparks will not damage or stain anything they land on.

You can use them inside or outdoors in virtually any situation to enhance or create special pictures. Be daring and create an Instagram wedding photo shoot that's going to go viral.  Imagine using them during the bride‚Äôs processional, up to the altar. Have your guests on each side of the aisle armed with sparklers. As the music starts, everyone lights up, and the house lights go down.

The bride walks to the altar bathed in the glow of the sparklers. Add in the bridesmaids with burning heart-shaped sparklers that are lit as she reaches the altar and you have a series of photos that are far more than #instaworthy. They are the perfect way to create memories of your special day that you will be sharing with friends and family for many years to come.

Don't Forget the Reception

Don't forget that the whole wedding group is headed to the reception where the photo ops are virtually endless, as are the opportunities to add sparklers to them. We recommend putting a 10" sparkler with a tag at each place setting. Maybe even a centerpiece filled with a mixture of straight and heart-shaped sparklers for your guests to use.

Sparkling champagne takes on a whole new meaning when it's served with one or two of our bottle top sparklers blazing away as the glasses are poured. This is also a great photograph to add to your collection. For the coup de grace, arm each of your guests with one of our 36-inch wedding sparklers. As the music for the first dance starts to play, and the newlyweds make their way to the dance floor, surround them with a ring of glowing sparklers, making the perfect Instagram wedding photograph for your collection. Lastly, imagine being able to take night pictures of the bride and groom walking under a glowing tunnel of our 36" wedding sparklers as they exit the reception to head to their honeymoon getaway vehicle.

At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we have a large selection of sparklers, confetti cannons, and many other items you can use to make every photograph unique. Visit our online store and be sure to order early!