There are so many ways for you to add a little extra touch of magic to your next party. You can hang decorations — maybe some of those really cool Chinese lanterns — make a table full of great snacks, plan the best music and party games. But, all of these have become a bit standard when it comes to throwing a truly great party. So how do you brighten up that special party you've been planning for months? The best way we know of to put a little (or a lot) of brightness into your party is with a big supply of our party sparklers.

Party Sparklers Add So Much

Our 36" wedding sparklers make a great addition to your next major party. These party sparklers will burn for up to 3.5 minutes, showering your guests with golden sparks. They feature easy-to-light tips so that no one in the party has to wait for their share of the fun. They have a steel core wire along with a low-smoke coating. The best and easiest way to light our 36-inch sparklers is with the free six-pack of 10-inch sparklers we included with each order.

These 36-inch sparklers are ideal for wedding receptions, but think of all the other kinds of parties to which they’d add magic! Let's set the scene: the party starts out with a huge bonfire and a gathering of friends and family. Dark starts to set in and suddenly the night is aglow with dozens of party sparklers being held aloft or waved around making amazing shapes of golden sparkles.  Or, since these party sparklers are a full three feet long, you could use them to create a pathway to the bonfire. Light the way and then as your guests arrive at the end of the lit pathway, light the bonfire and enjoy the looks on their faces.

Graduation Parties Are All the Rage

When springtime comes around, it's time to start planning your teen's graduation party. Of course, there has to be cake, tons of goodies, lots of beverages, and, just to add a magical touch, a lot of party sparklers. At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we carry a range of different sparkler sizes, including 10-, 20-, and 36-inch sparklers, all of which release showers of golden sparks that are sure to please your guests. We also have numbered party sparklers you can set up to display their graduating year.

But why stop with party sparklers for your next great event; why not add in a few party confetti cannons to go with them? Be sure you buy enough of our sparklers and confetti cannons to ensure you have enough for everyone to enjoy.

As a practical tip for using party sparklers, you are going to have a lot of hot, steel rods left over when they have burnt out. Be sure you have a metal bucket or container filled with water. Your guests should place their burned-out party sparklers in the water to cool them down. Once the party is over, you can add the remains to your recycling bin or take them to a recycler so that the remains can be repurposed.

For more information, visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet online and look at our entire selection of party sparklers and confetti cannons.