There was a time in the not too distant past when one of the best ways to light up a summer party was to end the day with a fireworks show. The only problem with this is that many towns, counties, and states have now banned the use of fireworks at any other time than the Fourth of July, and some have even banned them altogether. The reason for banning them is the high risk of injury and fire. The good news is that with 18-inch sparklers, your guests can enjoy all the fun of fireworks without the risk of fire or injury.

No Noise to Worry About

Just because you are having a party in your backyard doesn't mean your neighbors are going to enjoy the noise that most fireworks cause. While fireworks are showering your guests with clouds of sparks, they also make a lot of noise. On the other hand, party sparklers are entirely silent from start to finish. They give your guests an excellent show, one they can be involved in, without the noise or mess to clean up, and without the risk of setting anything on fire. All you need is a bucket of water to put the used rods into to cool them off.

Party Sparklers Are for Everyone

Another major problem with fireworks is that they should always be handled by an adult, leaving many of your younger guests with nothing to do but look at them. Although many might be just as happy to sit and watch, most kids don't have the patience to stay still long enough for the show to run its course. Plus, they have to listen to a litany of "Get back!" or "Don't touch!" the whole time.

Our 18-inch sparklers are safe enough for younger children to hold and swish around, as long as they are under the watchful eye of a responsible adult. Providing they do not touch the burning rod, there is nothing else that can hurt them. The sparks are harmless (keep out of eyes), and the sparklers burn relatively smoke-free. There are no enormous clouds of smoke to deal with, leaving your guests to enjoy their party sparklers and the fresh air at the same time.

A More Affordable Option

Have you seen the price of fireworks lately? You can easily spend over $100 and still end up with not much to show for it. Not only is their use heavily regulated in most states, but the prices continue to go higher and higher. Our 18-inch sparklers are very affordable, especially if you buy them in bulk packs.


There is no more enjoyable or affordable way to light up your next summer party than by making sure your guests have plenty of party sparklers on hand to use throughout the evening. If you are thinking about purchasing a supply of 18-inch sparklers for your next summer party, please visit theWedding Sparkler Outlet online and get ready to have the best party ever!