Ah, the big day is almost here,and you've thought of everything. The wedding venue, the caterers, the bridesmaids dresses, even the flowers have been picked out. Let's not talk about how many months it took you to find the perfect wedding dress. But like any other major event or party, there is always something special you can do to add that final touch of pizzazz, the one little touch that makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill wedding and one that everyone in attendance will never forget. For example, why not consider purchasing plenty of 36" sparklers from Wedding Sparklers Outlet for your special day?

What Are Wedding Sparklers?

For those of you who have never heard of wedding sparklers before, they are similar to the sparklers you and your family have probably been using to celebrate the 4th of July. They consist of a steel rod coated in a metal fuel, a binder, and an oxidizer. To achieve different colors, different metals or metal combinations are used:

·         Light yellow or white – aluminum and magnesium are used

·         Red – iron is used

·         Silver-white – titanium is used

·         Golden – Ferrotitanium is used

Other colors can be created using different salts as part of the mix. Most rods are double dipped in the solution to ensure there is enough of a coating to create the sparkles. Wedding sparklers come in a variety of lengths. For example, at Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we offer 10”, 20”, and 36" sparklers for you to choose from.

How Best to Use Sparklers at Your Wedding?

There are many different ways you can use our 36" sparklers to light up your wedding and light your way into the future as husband and wife.

In the Church (or at your ceremony venue) – Why not give those guests sitting in the aisle seats one of our 20" or 36” sparklers and let them light the bride's way to the altar where she will meet her groom and exchange vows? All of our sparklers burn virtually smoke-free and are approved for indoor use. Of course, be sure to ask the venue manager beforehand to make sure they don't mind.

After the Ceremony – This is the best place to put our 36" sparklers to use. As your guests file out of the venue to create the gauntlet through which the bride and groom must pass, have someone hand each of them a sparkler. Then, just before the newlyweds walk out the door, have the guests light their sparklers and create a glowing arch filled with golden sparkles to shower down on the couple. While this might work best when it is dark outside, a glowing arch like this also looks good at dusk.

Your guests will love having even more of these wedding sparklers in various sizes, including our heart-shaped sparklers, to use at the reception (think about the possibilities during the couple’s first dance!) and during the photo shoot. Many of today's wedding photographers love adding sparklers to certain shots and can help you with ideas to use them to help create the most amazing photographs of your special day.