Light Up Your Wedding With 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers!

What do you have planned for your wedding and reception that is sure to make it memorable? To be sure, you will never forget your own wedding; after all, it is one of the most important days of your life. But, if you want the memory of your wedding day to last in the minds of your guests, you really should think about doing something completely different. For this, you might want to invest in a selection of wedding sparklers from the Wedding Sparklers Outlet.

Go All Out with Our 36-inch Wedding Sparklers

There are wedding sparklers that spit and sputter for a few seconds and then there are our 36-inch wedding sparklers that are designed to burn for a full three and a half minutes. They are the perfect way to light the path and create a magical tunnel of light for the bride and groom to pass through as husband and wife. Our wedding sparklers will shower the happy couple with sparkling light as they pass through. The good news is that our sparklers do not leave any residue behind that might cause injury or stain clothing. They are safe for younger children to use under adult supervision, allowing the younger guests to really feel like they are part of the celebration.

What About That All-Important First Dance

Your first dance together as husband and wife should be spectacular. But, in order to make it unforgettable, you need the right music, the perfect lighting, and everyone watching. Yet, with all this, there is still one more thing you can do to make your first dance absolutely spectacular. You can give each of your guests a wedding sparkler to hold up and surround you in glittering light and showers of golden sparks during this all-important dance.

There is literally no part of your wedding that wouldn’t benefit from everyone having access to our range of wedding sparklers. Our sparklers come in 10-, 20-, and 36-inch lengths. They burn with a smokeless golden shower of sparks. The sparks are completely harmless but should be kept away from everyone's eyes.

Check out our 10-inch wedding sparklers and 20-inch wedding sparklers if you're looking for other sizing options.

Give Your Wedding Photos a Boost

By the time your wedding is over, you should have a portfolio filled with both professional photos as well as those taken by all of your guests. Why not add a touch of special magic to these by having everyone light the scene with a selection from our range of wedding sparklers? Your guests can hold them aloft for some pictures or hold them yourselves for those special moments. We also offer heart-shaped sparklers that burn for 50 seconds, making them a perfect way to light up your evening photos. Visit the Wedding Sparklers Outlet and browse our complete selection of wedding sparklers. We sell them in bulk to help keep the prices down and the quality up. Each bundle features easy light tips and a full set of instructions. Along with wedding sparklers, we also have confetti cannons to add more spice to your special day!