Wedding sparkler send-offs are one of the biggest trends in weddings in the past 5-7 years. Unlike many other trends that become popular and eventually fade away, it appears a wedding sparkler send-off is a trend that is here to stay.

Couples continue to choose wedding sparklers because they are fun, festive and leave a lasting memory in their guest's minds that will last for years.

But how do you figure out what sparklers are best for your big day? We’ve put together some tips to consider when planning the perfect wedding sparkler send-off that we’d like to share with you.

What is a Sparkler Send-Off?

Before you dive into picking the perfect wedding sparklers for your send-off, let’s discuss the send-off itself and how it plays out at a wedding.

Originally, guests would throw rice at a newly married couple to wish them good luck with fertility as they left the church. This tradition, as with many traditions has changed over the years. People have shifted from throwing birdseed to shooting confetti poppers to blowing bubbles and now wedding sparklers.

The send-off now also occurs at the end of the reception when the newlywed couple leaves. Guests will gather around the couple and cheer them on, wishing them a happy future on the amazing journey they are about to embark on.

Your guests each light a sparkler and line up on both sides of your exit path. This makes for a beautiful moment giving a sparkling, illuminated pathway that also allows your photographer the amazing opportunity to take vivid, eye-catching photos that you will cherish for years to come.

Ten-Inch Sparklers

Ten-inch sparklers are the smallest size you should consider. This is the traditional size of sparklers that you most likely have purchased during 4th of July celebrations.

These shorter sparklers burn quickly. Typically they last about 40 seconds each. Due to the quick burn time, 10-inch sparklers work best for small, intimate weddings. Your closest family members and friends can easily light these sparklers and gather around for a send-off.

Because of the quick burn speed of these sparklers, we’d recommend bundling 4-5 sparklers together for each guest that will be part of your send-off. Your guests can then choose to light them all at once for an extra bright send-off or light them one at a time to extend the send-off celebration.

Twenty-Inch Sparklers

Twenty-inch sparklers are great sparklers for weddings with less than 150 guests. These are twice the length of traditional sparklers and provide over twice the burn time.

These sparklers will burn for roughly two minutes. This gives your guests time to light the sparklers and then get organized in a line on each side, making the pathway to cheer you on and illuminate your path to your great adventure of marriage.

The longer-lasting burn time will also give your photographer greater opportunity to capture amazing photographs that you are guaranteed to cherish and display in your home so you can look at them regularly, remembering your special day fondly.

Thirty-Six-Inch Sparklers

Thirty-six-inch sparklers are the largest size and best choice for your wedding day. Large sparklers will allow your guests to feel relaxed when celebrating your send-off.

These sparklers will burn for up to four minutes and are the perfect fit for large weddings of more than 150 people. The truth though is they are even great for a wedding with under 150 people in attendance. Thirty-six-inch sparklers are great for any wedding where you don’t want your guests to feel rushed.

Your photographer will also love the longer burn time as they can even have you stop as you make your way through the illuminated pathway to pose for a kiss, giving yo