If you are thinking about using wedding sparklers as part of your wedding send-off, you are definitely not alone. Sparklers are becoming one of the most popular forms of sending the bride and groom on their way to a new life. The problem is that there is so little information about using them and how to make your send-off that much more special. Of course, the first thing you need to know is where to buy wedding sparklers. The answer to this is Wedding Sparklers Outlet. We have a fantastic selection of wedding sparklers to choose from.

Which Wedding Sparklers Should You Buy?

We offer three different sizes of wedding sparklers 10, 20, and 36-inch, each of which has a different burn time. The number of guests you plan to have at your wedding will have an impact on the size of wedding sparklers you should buy. For example, if the number of wedding guests you plan to invite is under 150, you can probably get away with 20-inch wedding sparklers that burn for 1.5 to 2.0 minutes.

On the other hand, if you are planning a larger wedding of say 250 guests or more, the 20-inch sparkler may not last long enough for everyone to get their wedding sparklers lit, form the arch, and of course for the two of you to make the long walk from beginning to end. The last thing you want is for your illuminated sendoff to be sputtering out just as you get in the middle of it. Our 36-inch long wedding sparklers burn for 3.5 to 4 minutes, which is more than enough to give the happy couple a magical send-off, one that will be remembered for a very long time.

Where to Have Your Sendoff

Along with deciding where to buy wedding sparklers, you have to decide where you are going to have the big send-off. The most common place for this to take place is at the end of your wedding ceremony right outside the doors. But, there are some churches and facilities that do not allow the use of wedding sparklers for one reason or another. In this case, you can always move the send-off to the reception location.

All you really need for your big send-off is enough room for your guests to line up, wedding sparklers in hand. They can form a tunnel for you and your new spouse to pass through. Be sure you have one or two designated people to hand out the sparklers and help ensure everyone gets theirs lit. This is crucial to the success of your wedding exit.

As each person gets their sparklers lit, they join the line on each side of the pathway starting at the beginning and working their way to the end. This will ensure your illuminated archway stays lit long enough for the happy couple to make their exit under a golden shower of sparks.  What a wonderful way to put the finishing touches on your magical day!

If you are looking for where to buy wedding sparklers, we invite you to visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet. We carry an extensive inventory of all three sizes and heart-shaped wedding sparklers for you to choose from. We sell bulk packs to help you get what you need at very affordable prices.