How To Involve Man's Best Friend In Your Wedding
As human’s best friend, dogs are an essential companion in the lives of many couples. For many couples, a dog is not only a pet, but a confidant, encourager, and a reliable buddy through the ups and downs of life. So, when it comes to a wedding day, of course many people cannot imagine having such a special day without one of their best friends. 

Planning a wedding with your pet can be stress-free provided proper setup is in place to ensure the day is a success for both you and your furry, or fluffy, friend. The first thing to organize is the logistics of how and when your pet will arrive to the venue, and who will be watching them throughout the day. Maybe they can stay at your side for most of the day, but sometimes they may need to be put away or elsewhere, like during the meals, dancing or other elements. It’s important to ensure that guests feel comfortable, especially if there are any allergies. 

Also, guests may be wearing fancy attire and also bridesmaids or others in the wedding will be getting ready together, toasting to the big day, and ushering you into a new life. Be sure your pet has a dedicated person to take care of them if any issues arise or if they tend to get excited or rambunctious. You’ll also want to arrange who will walk your pet down the aisle or whether they will walk themselves on or off leash. Your pet might be a special part of the wedding also. Some couples attach their rings to the pet, allowing them to steal the show as the ring-bearer. 

In other instances, the ring-bearer is a small child who may be afraid of the pet or want an adult to accompany them down the aisle. If your pet gets nervous around new people, this could be a cause for concern. Making sure your pet is comfortable is important, and it’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in place in case your four-legged friend doesn’t cooperate the way you’d like. Many people like to dress their pets in festive attire to make sure they are stylish and ready for photos that will last a lifetime. Some people choose a bow tie while others have a rhinestone leash or a cute cape or outfit. 

Others make a special flower arrangement that can be worn by the pet. It’s of utmost importance to make sure your pet is comfortable in their clothes or accessories and that they can wear the item without irritation. Some pets love dressing up and showing off, while others prefer to fly (or walk) under the radar. 

Choose a style you and your pet can enjoy. Also, be sure to bring some items that your pet loves as a reward for being on their best behavior. Treats can also be used as bribery in instances where your pet isn’t quite cooperative. Bring a bowl or dish along so your pet has easy access to food and water, and make sure they stay hydrated and well-fed so they can happily make it through the day. If it is hot or cold outside, make sure they have proper attire and are warm or cool and well cared for. Planning a wedding that involves your pet is a great way to stay true to your desires and include your four-legged friend. 

If you plan ahead and take a checklist, you can ensure that you have everything you need to make your special day even more special with your best animal friend at your side.