Photos are the best way to remember an event whether it be a wedding, party, celebration, etc. Make your photos great with the best sparklers on the market.

Wedding Sparklers Outlet has the best party sparklers for your next photo opportunity.

The options are endless for sparkler photos! You can create shapes, words, designs and more. But how?

If you want traditional photos holding your sparklers there are a few things to keep in mind. The good news? All of our sparklers are smoke-free! No need to worry about smoke clouding your photos.

Photo Via Pinterest

First, make sure your sparkler is long enough in length to take photos and capture the moment! We offer bundles in 10, 2o and 36 inch varying in burn times.

Second, plan your photo! Make sure to have a plan for your sparkler photos. Pinterest has hundreds of ideas for sparkler photos. Planning your photo will ensure you make the most of your sparklers and capture the perfect moment. See: Three Reasons Every Wedding Should Include a Sparkler Exit.

Third, be ready to go when the picture is being taken! Hold the sparkler away from your body and move quickly! If you are writing a word or drawing in your photo, you may need more than one sparkler. Be sure to have two ready to go so you can capture the phrase or drawing.

Last, enlist a good photographer! Have a friend on standby with the camera (and multiple tries) to get the best photo for you to share with your friends and family! They will be impressed with your sparkler skills!

For more on taking photos with sparklers, see: How to Create Great Social Media Posts with Wedding Sparklers.