Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your list. Choosing where to buy your wedding sparklers is an important decision to make sure this portion of your reception goes off exactly as you planned. Whether you plan to use them during your send-off line or simply want them as wedding favors, every couple wants sparklers that will perform as intended. That’s why we’ve put together this simple wedding sparkler buyer tips article to help you make your decision.

Selecting the Right Type of Sparklers

Buying the correct type of sparkler for your needs is critical to the type of activity you are planning. Each size of sparkler lasts a varying duration of time, so determining your needs in advance is very important. Here are some factors to consider when determining what type of sparkler you need to purchase for your wedding:

Sparklers For Send-Offs

Most couples decide to use sparklers during their send-off. This is the most popular option. The most important consideration is the number of guests you plan to invite. You don’t want to end up with sparklers that last way too long (or way too short). Here’s a breakdown of the correct sizes for each size celebration:

  • 30 or Less: Weddings with 30 or fewer guests can easily get away with using 10-inch wedding sparklers. Though they only last around 30 seconds that is plenty of time for small and intimate wedding celebrations.

  • 30 to 100 Guests: Weddings with up to 100 guests can use 20-inch wedding sparklers for their send-off. Lasting around 1 ½ minutes in duration, these will last just the right amount of time for you to complete your exit in style.

  • Over 100 Guests: Planning a large wedding requires extra-large sparklers. Our 36-inch sparkler is the largest and the longest-lasting wedding sparkler that you can buy. They last over 3 ½ minutes and are large enough to handle celebrations with any size guest list.

Sparklers As Wedding Favors

Placing a few sparklers in vases at your tables can be a great way to display a beautiful, yet functional, favor for your guests to enjoy. Since you can’t determine when your guests will actually use them, there’s really no reason to go overboard. Simply place a few 10 inch wedding sparklers on each table, and your guests will add to the joy as they use the favors throughout the night.

PRO TIP: If you plan to use them indoors, it’s very important to purchase smokeless wedding sparklers. 

Choosing Color Versus Gold Wedding Sparklers

There are two main options available, gold and color sparklers. Gold ones don’t have any tints added and as a result, they are considered “smokeless”. That means they can be used indoors. Color sparklers create smoke because they contain various color pigments. So you should only use color sparklers if you are having your wedding outdoors. If your wedding will be indoors, stick to the gold sparklers.