Your wedding day is likely to be the most important day of your life. If you are like most brides, you have probably been dreaming of how this day would look from the time you were a child. By now you know exactly what colors you will use, what types of flowers will be in your bouquet, and virtually every little detail. But have you thought about how to make the day even more memorable for your guests? One way to do this is to have a box of heart shaped sparklers on hand for them to use during your big exit.

Shower the Bride and Groom with Love

We have all seen wedding sparklers by now or at least heard of them. They are a fantastic way to give your guests something fun to use to participate in the big day. They can light your way out of the wedding itself without leaving behind a mess. While standard straight sparklers are a wonderful way to light up the day, there is something even more magical about heart shaped sparklers.

These sparklers are formed from 11-inches of steel wire and coated with a red "sparkler" coating that will burn for up to 50 seconds showering your guests and the happy couple with harmless sparks. The materials used are smoke-free, something that all wedding photographers will love. Once they are used up, all you have to do is provide your guests with a metal bucket of cold water to dispose of the rods in. When they are cold, the steel rods can be thrown away or better yet taken to a recycling center to be turned back into raw steel that can be reused.

Add a New Twist to Your Wedding Photos

Heart shaped wedding sparklers are an amazing way to enhance your wedding photos. They can be used to add a touch of dramatic lighting to night shots or particularly romantic photos. Adding a backdrop of glowing hearts to your photos is the perfect way to symbolize the love that exists between the happy couple.

You can hand these wedding sparklers out to each guest or you can use them to decorate your wedding venue. If you place them where your guests can remove them and light them just before you make your exit from the venue, you and your new spouse will be able to walk along a sparkling and well-lit path on your way to your new life together.

Wedding sparklers like these offer you a more environmentally sound and fun way to add a sense of magic and mystery to your special day. They are inexpensive, fun to play with, and leave virtually no mess behind that someone has to come back and clean up.

Most importantly of all, your guests, from the youngest to the oldest, are sure to be delighted with your choice of heart shaped wedding sparklers to help celebrate your special day. Be sure to buy top quality wedding sparklers such as those offered by Wedding Sparklers Outlet to save money and avoid disappointment.