Heart Sparklers Signify Love Any Time of Year - Get Yours Here!

Just because it isn't Valentine's Day anymore doesn't mean you have to put away all things heart-related. You share your love all year long, why not show it by putting our heart sparklers to good use. "Wait, did you just say heart-shaped wedding sparklers?" Yes, that's exactly what we are talking about here. Most people have only seen the standard straight sparklers such as are used for 4th of July celebrations, but these are just the beginning.

What Are Heart Sparklers?

The heart-shaped sparklers available at Wedding Sparklers Outlet are ideal for use as party favors at weddings, anniversary parties, Valentine's Day of course, and any time you decide to have a romantic evening with that someone special. These sparklers measure eleven-inches long and are bent into the shape of a heart. Once lit, they burn for a full minute.

You can choose between sparklers that glow red when they burn, or you can buy them in the more traditional grey color. Our sparklers burn virtually smoke free making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use and when used properly are harmless.

That Moment You Will Never Forget

Picture this: You've just been out for dinner with the love of your life, hiding in your pocket is the ring, the moment has finally come. But why be like everyone else and get down on your knee. Tie or tape the ring to where you hold onto the sparkler, light it, and hand it to your soon to be fiancé (hopefully). Then by the light of at least two sparklers have your love hold theirs above their head.

In the light of the glowing sparklers as they notice the ring is the perfect time to "pop the question." You could not ask for a more romantic setting and what better way to seal the relationship than by kissing each other under a shower of glowing sparks.

Your First or Forty-First Wedding Anniversary

It doesn't matter what anniversary you are celebrating with the love of your life; it's up to you to make it special. Order or make a special cake, and as you bring it out, add a pair of sparkling heart sparklers to the cake. This is a spectacular way to show your significant other that your love for them burns as intently on this special day as it did on the day the two of you were married.       


Just Because I Love You

When you truly love someone, you don't have to wait for special holidays to show your love for each other. Your life together is filled with special moments. Things like when your children are born, celebrating the day you first met, the day you bought your first house together. All of these are special moments in your lives.    


Why not turn these days into personal "holidays" where you do something to show how important these days are to you? You can add our heart-shaped sparklers to a cake, create a centerpiece for your table when you have a special meal planned. At the end of the day go outside after the sun has set and fire up your sparklers to add a final magical touch to your day! Visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet and see what you've been missing.