With Valentine’s on the horizon, it has never been a more perfect time to celebrate all things heart-related. You share your love all year long, why not show it by putting our heart sparklers to good use. Most people have only seen the standard straight sparklers such as the ones you use at 4th of July celebrations. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though and our Heart Sparklers are sure to captivate the attention of your loved ones.

What Are Heart Sparklers?

The heart-shaped sparklers available at Wedding Sparklers Outlet are the ideal thing to make your Valentine's Day celebration romantic and extra special. Our Heart sparklers are eleven-inches long and are bent into the shape of a heart. Once lit, they burn for a full minute.

You can choose between sparklers that glow red when they burn, or you can buy them in the more traditional grey color. Our sparklers burn virtually smoke free so you can even use them indoors and they won’t set off smoke detectors or cause any problems at all.

A Moment They Will Never Forget

Imagine you’ve just been out to dinner with your valentine, why end the evening there. Celebrate a toast and surprise them with the light of the glowing sparklers. You could not ask for a more romantic setting and what better way to seal the evening in a way your valentine will never forget than with a shower of glowing sparks?

When you truly love someone, your life together is filled with special moments. Adding our heart-shaped sparklers these special moments adds a final magical touch to your day! Visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet and see what you've been missing.