Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life and an event that you and those lucky enough to attend will remember forever. There are of course certain parts of the wedding that tend to leave a very lasting impression. In recent years heart shaped wedding sparklers have begun to grow in popularity as a way to send the bride and groom off in style. They offer excitement during the event and add to the memories in wedding photographs.

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers Add to the Excitement

The first few minutes after your wedding tend to be quite exciting. For years the tradition has been to throw rice or confetti over the bride and groom as they leave the church. While doing so might still be fun, it has become somewhat mundane and ordinary. Using heart shaped sparklers for weddings is a great way to breathe new excitement into what might otherwise have been a fairly ordinary wedding that might soon be forgotten by your guests.

Heart shaped wedding sparklers can be a great way to kindle the spark of love that is already blossoming between the happy couple. The hard part can be finding good quality sparklers in the stores as most only seem to carry low budget ones or the standard small straight ones used for 4th of July or New Year's Eve celebrations. These are not likely to display that spark of love needed for a proper wedding send-off.

Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings Add to the Fun

There is more to your wedding day than a memorable service, your special day should be fun for everyone involved. Giving each of your guests heart shaped wedding sparklers is a unique way to add plenty of fun to the celebration. They add so much magic to your special day; no wedding should ever be without them.

These sparklers can also be used to add a touch of love and dramatic lighting for your wedding photographs. Your guests can surround you with them or you and your new husband/wife can hold them. They can also be used to create a very romantic tunnel of love for the happy couple to walk through as you leave the church and again as you leave the reception to head out to your honeymoon. Even younger children can be trusted with heart shaped sparklers for weddings as they have rounded tops instead of pointed ends that can cause injury.

Perhaps one of the best things about heart shaped wedding sparklers is that they are a low-cost addition to your wedding that is sure to add more excitement than handfuls of rice or confetti. As an added bonus, no one is left with a big mess that has to be cleaned up. You simply provide one or two buckets of water for everyone to place their used sparklers in so that they can cool down. Once they are cold, simply empty out the water and throw the leftover forms in the trash.

Heart shaped wedding sparklers are some of the newest and most exciting send off items used at weddings today. Consider adding them to your ceremony or reception for a dazzling display. You can practice with several sparklers before the big day and prepare a fun and memorable send off the guests and the happy couple will love.